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Summer Mantel with Driftwood Crab Art

white fireplace with summer decor

starfish, rope, blue fishnet, white vases, blue lamp on mantel

I'm so over the moon about changing things all around the house. For some of you, this might be exhausting and even crazy, but for me is fun! I like change, and that's precisely what I did once again to the mantel. Hey, Summer is almost here!

A couple of weeks ago when I was ready to take the pictures of the old jeans pillow, I took out my stash of summery things and began looking for some props. Well, the first thing to pop up was the driftwood garland, I used it and it looked good there so after the pics were taken...
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I brought the garland to the mantel to try it there again. I bought it last year to decorate the mantel, but after the first try, I didn't like it. One year later I was giving it a second try but nope, it didn't feel right.
summer mantel

Soooo I dismantled it because maybe the idea of the crab that I saw right HERE would look much better using these pieces of wood.

I got the board where my new art would go and covered it with pieces of paper to trace the easiest crab I could find online.
Ha, lots of trial and error but in the end, it looked kind of nice. ;)
Drawing a crab for driftwood art on mantel
  1. I first drew the center, like drawing a hamburger outline with two pointy sides.
  2. Make sure this shape is centered on your paper.
  3. Draw the legs. It doesn't have to be symmetrical. 
  4. I even like that one of the legs is going in a different direction.

Then, it was just like completing a puzzle... Finding a curvy piece for the claw... some short pieces for the legs... cutting two ends for the little eyes...
how to make a crab art out of driftwood

Until it was all filled up.

*I'm editing this post to add that I made the mistake to leave the white pieces of paper that I'd put together with tape on top of the board. I had to ask my husband to help me pull the "crab puzzle" onto another surface being careful not to mess it up much.*
how to make a crab out of driftwood
Once my board was empty, I marked the middle and began hot-gluing each piece of wood onto it. I started with the one piece right in the middle line of the crab and then I started branching outwards until I had the complete crab.
white fireplace with summer decor
The last thing to do was to bring some more accessories...
A little lantern, rope in a vase...
blue lamp, clear vase with rope inside
Starfish, fishing net...
Coastal decor - teal lamp on fireplace mantel
And extra vases on the opposite side for good measure. :)
rope around center of white vase with starfish decoration
I also found a really big wire basket that I'm planning on converting into a light fixture, in the meantime is serving as a side table. ;)
wire basket from Target used as a table
There you have it, my Summer-Coastal mantel this year.
blue alga pillows on white chairs, sea shells on vase, summer mantel candles

Driftwood used to create a crab art project for summer mantel

You can see the full family room right here on my Summer Home Tour.

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Wow, I love it!! It looks so fun and summery!! XO

  2. Me encanta tu decoracion coastal y el cuadro con el cangrejo me emcanta, ya hice uno de un pez y espero hacer algĂșn otro pronto!!!
    Muchos besos

    1. hmmm ya me estas dando una muy buena idea para utilizar los pedacitos de madera que me quedaron, gracias Vicky!

  3. wow, i love the summer coastal mantel cristina, i think your crab art turned out really cuter than the original one♥

  4. So beautiful! Your mantle is summer ready. I love the crab.

  5. Oh my gosh I love this so much. I have eyed a similar garland but never could figure out exactly where I'd put it- this is genius! can't wait to see more of your house during the tours next week!

  6. Beautiful! I especially love the driftwood crab, genius!

  7. I absolutely love all of this, but especially the crab! I've seen similar things like this at Pottery Barn for like $200 so you did great DIYing it :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Cristina, this is so smart and adorable! Love it! Excited to be on the Summer Home Tour schedule with you tomorrow!

  9. Love love love it! So adorable! Pinned it to the BHG boards!

  10. Just love the crab. What a clever idea! I would like to try this, but I'm not clear on how you transferred the crab off the paper and onto the wood.

    1. Thanks Hannah! You're totally correct, I didn't make it clear on the post. I went back and added some more I hope it helps! Thanks!

  11. Christina,
    Oh I LOVE your crab!! Happy that I inspired you to make looks great above your mantel. I just put a large one in my beach condo and love it.


  12. Hi Christine - absolutely adore your crab! I live in Maryland and this is perfect. :) Visiting from i heart naptime and pinning. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I also live in Maryland - DC area ---> Nothing like the Maryland crab! ;) Thanks for the pin!

  13. hola Cristina !!! me encanta tu decoracion veraniega coastal , especialmente ese cangrejo echo de palitos

  14. This is sooooooooo stinkin' cute Cristina! You are amazingly talented! I have missed you, life has been so crazy for me lately, It is good to see you awesome projects again! Hugs!

  15. This driftwood crab is fantastic Christina! I love all the other beach touches you have added as well!

  16. This driftwood crab is fantastic Christina! I love all the other beach touches you have added as well!

  17. can i tell you how amazing this is! you are so talented and creative. happy summer!

  18. Love your crab! I may have to try and make my own. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I saw this on Pinterest and had to stop by to tell you how awesome this project is! LOVE the crab art and it's perfect with your beachy mantel and hot lazy summer days:) XO Wendi @H2OBungalow

  20. I love your crab, what did you mount it to? Is it wood??

    1. Thanks Betsy! Yes, it's wood. Remnants from another project. They were mounted onto two 1x2's on the back.

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