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Summer Home Tours and Dealing with Zippers

Happy Monday everyone!

Yaaay the Summer home tour week is finally here!  Talk about excitement. :)

I've been dusting and dressing up my home making it picture perfect.

Uhmmm ha!

Flowers are first on my check list followed closely by sea shells, and...

Pillows.  ;)

And talking about pillows, ya know? I found the blue one at Ross, I made the other one.

Yep.  ;)

I made two of the coral pillow covers and that was a first for me.

Well, I've done lots of pillow covers but none of them involved piping + zipper and these were.

A-ha, piping + ZIPPERS!

Though, I have to tell you a secret.

The zipper on the first pillow I ever made with piping + zipper was a hot mess.

The piping is sitting far, far away from the zipper...

And there are parts where it looks like someone inside the cover is pinching the fabric.
I know, bad. :(

Sewing the second cover was so much easier.


Ha, talk about experience!

The zipper is close to the piping, and there's no pinching of the fabric.

I felt so proud of myself.


Though, there was a little mistake in this one too.

The zipper itself was sewn inside out. :/

I didn't pay attention to it until it was too late.

My poor nails are gonna have a hard time trying to unzip it once ready to wash.

I think I need to get a good stash of zippers and continue practicing, yeah, I'm not giving up.

I'm leaving these ones like that, I'm the only one who knows this.

Well, now you too, but shhhhh! Let's keep it a secret.

But hey, no more about stinky zippers. It's time for you to hop over and begin the tour at my sweet friend Marty - A Stroll Thru Life's home,  where she has been busy adding tons of bright pretty colors to her chic and elegant style!

And that's not all, just look at the amazing lineup of great bloggers showcasing their homes!
I'll be with you on Thursday, can't wait!

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  1. Love the summer colors you're using. They look great! I would love if you could link up at my Table It Link party for home decor, gardening and more party. You can link up to 3 posts and I share posts on social media to help improve everyones traffic.

    Would be great if you have time.


  2. Oh I love your shells and pillows Way to go girl, those zippers and piping are a god send, just unzip and store, then you can change pillows 20 times a day like I do. Can't wait to see your tour.

  3. que bonitos esos cojines y ese balde con la arpillera !!


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