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Fall Mantel

I wasn't even thinking on creating a Fall mantel, I was trying to wait and create one for Christmas, but I was so tired of the busy one I created for Halloween  that on Saturday morning I started taking things down. It always happens like that, I put lots of stuff there and one month later I can't wait to make it lighter.

But then, I remembered the banner could be used both ways so, that's what I did...

And then, I couldn't stop there!
I didn't want anything busy, neither work on creating something new. Since I was also in cleaning mode, I grabbed this metal basket/tray that was being used to keep the fruits and vegetables on top of the kitchen island. I didn't want it there any longer, it was too big, and the kids and the hubs thought they could store anything on it, somehow car-keys, pencils, school papers, toys and many other little items made it into this basket.

Having the basket empty and looking at the pretty design it has, I just went and hung it there on the mantel.

And I went looking for more... A black metal tray.

And this beautiful wicker basket filled with paper flowers also made it there.

Yet, another basket full of pumpkins and pine cones was brought in, to give company to the Fall branches in the vase. I know, they're fake, but that's easy and hey, they kind of look good imo.

Love the little acorns on them.

Hey, that was quick and easy, right?!


  1. Cristina love the baskets, so understated but intricate with their beautiful patterns. Nicely done.

  2. That looks very, very nice, Cristina. I love the crisp, clean look of it. Beautiful!!! xo Diana

  3. The baskets seem to be making a come back for the walls...yours look great!

  4. Christina, your mantle is so pretty!! Love the fall decor in the wicker basket.

  5. Christina,
    I am the same way about my mantel. After a month, I am ready to change things up. Yours looks so crisp and pretty. Not overdone but just the right touch of Fall.

  6. Your mantel looks so natural and pretty Cristina, pinning!


  7. I love it Cristina! The baskets are such a great idea! How I wish I could go into my yard and pick up acorns.....not many oak trees around these parts!

  8. Que lindos se ven esos canastos ahí colgados !! Muy otoñal ... Que tengas un óptimo día

  9. I love all the natural elements you used in your mantle. The baskets are such a great addition.

  10. Lovely.. as always. I look forward to your mantels every season! <3

  11. It's pretty!
    I like when projects come together easy and quickly.
    Came here via FJI !

  12. Your mantel is lovely. I am really liking the clean, uncluttered feel to it and the colors and textures are perfect for Fall.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  13. I love the way the fall colors look against the white. So pretty! Great idea on the banner!


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