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Halloween Broom Rental Sign and Giveaway

While looking for inspiration to create a sign to decorate the front of my house during Halloween I came across this beautiful project that immediately put my head in high speed! The how to do this or how to do that began, the main thing was how to bring it outside. This post is the how it all went.

We're now an official (only by the sign), Broom Rental Company! :) And hey, you have options and maybe we can even give you a free flying class if you want. ;)

I loved working on this project because it was fairly easy and kind of free if you happened to have a big pile of scrap wood.

I worked with some picket fence boards I had from a previous project. The broom shapes were drawn on them and cut them out using my BladeRunner X2. Two of the brooms had to be widened a bit more.

Cutting the brooms out of wood might look like hard work, it can be done with a jig-saw, which requires clamps and lots of effort but I was lucky enough to try the new BladeRunner X2 which made this job waaay easier than it looks.

I've been working with the BladeRunner X2  for most part of this year, it's the only tool I always have ready to work with. Its new more compact design makes it a plus to have it on working order at all times. Besides getting smaller, which is great for us ladies, the other difference I noticed from the previous model was the lack of a variable speed, at first I thought I was going to miss it, but while working on this project, that wasn't a problem at all.

Besides the brooms, I also cut a flying witch that I copied from a cardboard figure. As you can see, it is a more intricate design but again, working with the BladeRunner X2 makes this kind of cuts easy to accomplish.

You can watch the following video to get a quick glimpse of how easy it is. I wouldn't recommend this machine for cabinet making or such, but for projects like this, it's the way to go!

Once the wooden shapes were cut out, they were spray painted black.
Meanwhile, we worked on the names, and by we, I mean me and my son, he was the one who came up with most of the names. ;)  You can download the names graphic right HERE. They were cut out and glued onto the broomsticks.
Regular acrylic paints and fine paint brushes were used to give life to the broom bristles.
The witch was mounted a top a Broom Rental sign, you can download right HERE. All the parts were given two coats of clear poly to protect the paint.
The final part was to attach all the brooms and main sign onto a 2x2 pole.
This is how it looks adorning our front porch.
These are some of the features that make the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 a great addition to your toolbox:
  • Cut wood, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum or plastic with one saw
  • Weighs less than 15 lbs. so you can carry it anywhere
  • Simple adjustable and tool-less blade change for instant setup
  • Uses any T-shank jig saw blade, 4 inch or less
  • Easy to use, both hands are left free to control the work
So, here is your chance to give the BladeRunner X2 a try!
You can find more about Rockwell Tools at Rockwell Tools web site or you can follow them on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram a Rafflecopter giveaway You can also go pumpkin carving with Rockwell tools! Check how to create this cool design right HERE.


  1. You did a fabulous job with this! The broom painting is so realistic.. Broom Rental... hahaha!

  2. So Frightfully Fantastic! Be sure to offer insurance, those Brooms can be unpredictable! ;0)

  3. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, I'm already dreaming up all of the fun projects I'll finally be able to do if I win!

    xoxo, SS

  4. Hahaha Thanks Leslie Marie! Calling my insurance agent immediately!

  5. This is amazing! It looks so professional! I LOVE it!

  6. Very cool! I love the broom names especially. Great giveaway!!

  7. Hola Cristina querida!!! que lindo te quedo ese letrero con brujas y todo!!!espero que tengas un lindo fin de semana

  8. ahhhhhh I love this! What a great Halloween set you've created!

  9. That is adorable! You are so creative.

  10. I love this project! Pinning it and thanks for the give away!

  11. Great Job on the brooms. Rockwell does make some great tools!

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