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Flea Market Time - June

Here comes another installment of flea market time :) Were you out there looking for wonderful finds? I was! And unlike last time, I came back home with full bags. ;) The day was beautiful, I was glad to enjoyed it, as usual, with my husband and daughter, well she came with us but this time she was volunteering for the flea market organizers, The Germantown Historical Society.

One of the things I liked the most were these pretty 7" blue Mason jars, their lids look rusty and old but the glass seems to be new :/  Anyhow, I like them whether old or new, the price for the three of them: $7. I think it was a fair price.

At first sight I didn't know what was this next item, I liked the wooden pegs, once expanded I really liked it, and after knowing the price $0.25 I knew it was mine :)

The next items were from a vendor that had a "anything on the table $1" sale, I quickly packed this wooden train car.

I love the red sign on it.

I also grabbed this burlap rice sack. I'm going to try and make it work as a pillow cover for the guest room, on my inspiration board I had a picture of some pillows with designs just like this one.

It wouldn't be any easier, it already has a zipper, so it only needs a pillow form.

From a different vendor I got the next burlap sack. Price: $2.
Check the Office chair transformation done with it -right HERE.

A glass bottle to keep my collection growing, I already put it on the shelves in the powder room where I have many others.

The little faucet was the feature that stood out to me. The price: $1.

As soon as I saw this watering can, I pictured it adorning my potting benches.

It had a $8 price tag but after discussing its condition with the owner, we got it for $4.

I don't know where in my home this candelabra is going to fit! I like its colors and lines. I'm not fond of the bells, they keep on jingling each time I move it. Price: $4.

A set of wooden sconces, maybe for the backyard if it's finished someday! One dollar each.

It looks like my decorative light fixture switch was on because here comes more lighting!  ;) I love the design on these sconces, again, I don't know where I'm going to place them, but for only $10, they can wait for that place to appear.

Love the little circles and diamonds :)

Finally, this pendant light.  Pardon my ignorance but I don't know what kind of fixture is this?! I did a Google image search but it came out with nothing. Do you know something about it? If so, please let me know.
It had a price tag of $50, but after a 75% discount, yeah flea market discounts ;) we got it for $13.

Hey and I already know where to install it, I guess you know it too ;)

All in all we spent $45. Whooo that was fun!

Most of June's Flea Market finds were used to decorate my guest room right HERE.


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  1. Amazing finds as always! I love the little wagon and I cannot wait to see your pillows.

  2. What amazing finds! I think I may just need to get to a flea market. And soon. I've never been! And those mason jars are absolutely vintage. Here's a link that could help you date them ...

    :) Linda

  3. Ha, thanks for the link Linda! It looks like I have 2 with the Logo 5 and one with the Logo 6. That's totally awesome, I thought they were fake!

    Find one of your nearest flea markets, their prices are usually better than the ones at thrift stores. Well, you have to check by yourself because it varies from town to town, but of course give it try!

  4. I love it when you go shopping Cristina! You always find the best stuff for the best price!!!! Love that bottle and grain sacks the most!

  5. Great finds! I love the jar with the little faucet. Too fun!

  6. Great finds. I love your Ball jars and the lanterns. I can't wait to see what you do with it all. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Things you stole - the canning jars with the zinc tops, the clean coffee sack. and the light fixtures. What bargains.

  8. Great finds, especially the blue jars! I'm quite sure the wood peg thingy is a kitchen mug hanger.

  9. Thanks Julie! I just did an online search and yeah, you're totally right! I'd never thought of using it to store mugs, if only I had some extra space in my kitchen! :(
    I might have to use it somewhere else.

  10. Hola Cristina !! Que suerte todas las cosas lindas que has encontrado !! Me encantaron tus compras baratas y lindas en especial el carrito ., estoy ansiosa por ver como queda ese cojín con ese saco . Yo estoy buscando uno

  11. You can sure shop girl! You got some amazing buys!!! Just wait until you work your magic.....they will be priceless!

  12. Great finds! I really like the watering can and the old mason jars. Treasures for sure!

  13. I love all of it! The expandable rack I have always seen holding kitchen mugs on the wall. Those lanterns are so beautiful!

  14. You did great. I love the bottle with the faucet. I bought a really big one like that at an estate sale. Great price for the mason jars too.


  15. Amazing treasures. I hope you will stop by My Dream Canvas and see my latest antique store find :)

  16. You found some great stuff! I have one of those old mug holders that I painted and use to hold all my necklaces...everyone loves it. Have a great day!


  17. Those beautiful blue mason jars make me swoon! I'm featuring them this Friday in my Friday Features... thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Monday.

  18. Wow, you got sme goodies and that light fixture is a steal! Love it....

  19. What an amazing shopping day Cristina !!!
    Wow - that little wagon melts my heart - too cute for words - and that fawcett on the glass jar - gorgeous!
    I can't believe all you got for 45.00 - amazing !

  20. What a great shopping triip! I have seen that wooden peg thing used in a mud room to hold scaves, hats, light sweaters etc. You had quite the haul for 45.00! Love your blog.
    Your newest folloer,

  21. GORGEOUS finds! Thank you for linking up at Monday Funday!

  22. I love flea markets! You scored big-time. I love the un-named light fixture the best!

    Found you on the Monday Funday hop :)

  23. So many neat treasures...luv that little wagon and the mason jars. Thanks so much for sharing at a party.


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