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May -Flea Market

We had a terrific weekend, the weather was gorgeous, so we kept ourselves busy doing outdoor stuff. Saturday morning we went to the flea market, this time not only my husband was giving me company but my daughter also joined in for the fun. :)

Of course with such a beautiful day, the market was busier than the previous one, lots more vendors and people looking for great finds.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find great deals! Well, not exactly good deals, but stuff that I was interested in.

Nothing spoke to me, really, nothing! We headed back home with only two things in our hands, this chicken my daughter fell in love with. $1.
flea market finds

And these pretty ladies playing those instruments. It was my husband's pick.

We didn't find great things at the flea market, but we were happy to visit one of our friends as he's getting ready to put his house in the market and we went back home with a big loot.

He is moving out of state, he had already given my daughter some items I talked about right HERE. Well, we met him again, he's still packing up and getting rid of lots of stuff. We're so grateful with all the stuff he gave us.

Look at this pretty sled! 

That was on of the items on my wish list. I love its design.

What I don't like is how it was stained. It looks kind of on the drab side all brown. I can see some letters buried underneath the stain, I would love to see them again. I wonder if I can take the stain away.

In some small places, the metal parts still hold the original red color, I would love to have more of that color too. Do any of you know how to get rid of stain on wood and metal without destroying the colors below the stain? I don't think it is possible, but who knows?!

UPDATE: I've used this sled as a decoration during Christmas, You can see it in this post right HERE.

My tool collection didn't have planes, I haven't use one of these guys since I was in high school. It was not easy to use them at that time, I'll see how it goes now. ;)

Last but not least, these pretty wooden wine boxes. I LOVE them! They are still there in the garage waiting for me to take them places :) Storage space is always welcome! I just need to find where.

Check a side table project done with one of these wine crates right HERE
I used the more of those wine creates in our guest room HERE.

I've been working on organizing spaces, the garage, the backyard, it feels good to have everything in its place and looking good. How about you? What are you working on right now?

My next post is about a project done in the backyard. Can't wait to share it with you!

Have a great day!!


  1. I love those boxes and the sled. :) Can't wait to see what you do in your backyard.

  2. So Lucky!! I wish I had a few of those boxes and that sled will be gorgeous for Christmas / winter...(has it left yet?) I am excited to see your backyard project. I finally started on my bedroom. It is not a pretty room with partial flooring and missing drywall. Hopefully I will lay the new flooring today!

  3. Love that sled! Can't wait to see you work your magic! And can't wait to see the back yard. I need some inspiration ...

    :) Linda

  4. I know you'll come up with something more clever with those boxes Cristina! Love all your finds, but yes, that sled gift is gonna be great come Christmas time!

  5. A mi me encanta pasear por el mercado de las pulgas y siempre algo encuentro je je ,, así que estas dedicada a ordeñas, bueno ya nos mostrarás tus trabajos!!

  6. If you live where there is snow, put a new pulling rope on the sled, and let the children use it! Simple clothes line rope is ok. Good luck with getting the stain off, I have no ideas, but I do know that "it works as good as it ever did", and the children will love it.

  7. Love your ladies !
    I have that same sled ( maybe a little older ) that John brought home once ( someone had thrown it out )
    They're beautiful aren't they?

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