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A Mini-Mudroom

A bench plus some some other easy elements give birth to mini-mudroom

In my last post about how to build a rustic bench I didn't give much detail about its finish, the bench looked like this next picture and then POW... All done! :)

Well, there were indeed some more steps, it all depends on what you want. I wanted a bench with a rustic feel, maybe other layers of paint showing through and also some spots where I could see the wood. Having that in mind, the next step after caulking and sanding was applying two coats of stain. I wanted to have dark tones underneath the paint, that's why Thompson's WaterSeal Wood Stain was used, besides, that's what I had on hand and I love that it's a sprayed stain and it dries really fast, well, I love the color too.
bench protected with wood stain water seal by Thomson's

Then a coat of my white home-made chalk-paint was applied...

home made white chalk paint to paint bench

Followed by two coats of ASCP Emperor's Silk. The best part, I had a helper, though not for long :/ The second coat was all mine. Only one of those small samples was enough and I got leftovers.

bench painted red emperor silk

Once the paint dried I went looking for the wood tones before applying clear and dark wax.

sand paper used to distress red painted bench

As for where the bench went, let's say to the mini-mudroom, even though that mini-mudroom is the garage :) you can see it below (that's a picture taken when I was working on another project last year), and I'm kind of glad I forgot to take the before pic, because this looks neat compared to how it looked at the end of Winter this year.
The entrance to the house is up the steps, right there following the green arrow. I didn't have a place to sit down to take off the shoes before getting into the house. The first room you'll find is the laundry room, and that's not even a room, is a passageway between the kitchen and garage. So, having a bench in this little area was a bit of a necessity.
how to incorporate a mini-mudroom to your garage

I still need to resolve the issue of shoes piling up but for now the comfy part was done!
wooden bench

I haven't finished organizing tools and stuff that I was lazy to put in its proper place all Winter long.

free plans for bench

As of right now, this tiny bit of space in the garage makes me smile every time I get home, especially the bench, every time I build something like this I feel like... Wow I built that?!  I wouldn't have believed it just five years ago!

rutic bench painted red

And I know you can also build this bench if you have the proper tools!  Give it a try, the complete detail are right HERE.

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  1. Ahhh Cristins como me gusta el uso maravilloso del color. !! Que maravilla de color y como me gusta como se ve con el contraste con la pared !! Y lo que más me gusta es como tu hija trabaja contigo !! Para mi es una tarea titánica lograr que alguno de mis adolecentes colabore con algo je je

  2. So cute and perfect Cristina! And I'm so glad to see you've got a pretty helper now with you too!

  3. How pretty Cristina - it's such a perfect " happy " shade for Spring and Summer - just love it!
    Have a great weekend

  4. This little mudroom area is so cute! Perfect for what you need! I love it so bright and fresh!

  5. Awesome bench and awesome giveaway!!!! Wish me luck!

    :) Linda

  6. Helpers are the best!! It is a great bench Cristina and congrats to Melissa! Hope she creates many great projects with it!

  7. So cute! I love the color. I've come to the realization I need mini mudrooms all over the house, lol!

  8. What an excellent mini mudroom! And great job on that bench treatment. I'd love for you to share at our link it or lump it party going on now, if you've not yet.

  9. Such a great idea--and that bench!! Super cute!! Loved this, Christina!

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