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Decorated Planters

Don't you love when you grab your favorite magazine and immediately get inspired to go and create something similar? That's what happened to me with this issue of All You magazine! I saw these beautiful eggs decorated for Easter with a color block painted technique...

I immediately got inspired to re-create the same technique but on some planters. So, a trip to the Dollar General was the next step. I only went there looking for planters, but then it happened that I saw this really nice shelf liner and the "painted color block" began drifting out of my mind. :)

Why bother with paint, tape and brushes when this shelf liner already has the color block! I love its chevron, herringbone design.

All you'll need is:

  • Planters
  • Self adhesive shelf liner
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife

Following the design, cut shelf liner strips and attach them to the planter from below the rim all the way to the bottom.

Overlapped the strips of shelf liner on the lower part, in order to accommodate the tapered design on the planter.

Once the planter is covered all around, use the X-Acto knife to cut ½" off the bottom of the liner, and any extra pieces you may have at the top.

I had some left over pieces from a project shared HERE. The quatrefoil design was cut and adhered to the planter.

The only thing left was to fill the planters with soil and beautiful plants!

Easy right?!


  1. Beautiful!! And just at the right time as we are all itching for Spring ideas!!

  2. Fabulous project Cristina! So cute! Thanks for the great giveaway too!

  3. Yes, like Vel says...fabulous planters! I think I can even make these adorable and fun pots! Very nice giveaway, there'll be a lucky winner! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Felices Pascuas.

  4. Love this! Very crafty! Great for someone like me who isn't too artistic!

  5. That is AWESOME I love that you used shelf liner, so cool!

  6. I mostly buy it for the coupons.

  7. Que linda idea Cristina y sin usar una gota de pintura !, que mejor!,

  8. These area so cute!! I thought I was going to have to paint the designs on - this is much easier!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  9. What a clever idea. I love it . You do the best projects here! xo Diana

  10. What a great idea!! The look like they were painted. Beautiful photos too!! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Really fresh and cute for spring! I have never seen this magazine.......and I thought I had seen them all.

  12. Cristina, The pots are sooo cute and perfect for Spring! I buy the magazine for coupons and recipes. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. Those are so cute! And I bet they will hold up better than tape! Now I have to run out and get a copy of all you!

  14. How cute are those! I'm featuring your post in my Friday Features from this week's Inspire Me Monday linky party. Thanks for linking up!

  15. I haven't had this mag. but I am gonna pick one up the next time I am out. Looks like one I would really enjoy.

  16. Really cute! I hadn't thought of using shelf liner. I just did a flower pot covered with fabric over at Home. Made. Interest. I'm going to have to try this next.

  17. These are so fun, and what a great shelf liner pattern! I'd love it if you shared this over at The Makers link party going on at my blog right now,

  18. I love these!! What a creative way to dress up planters! Thanks so much for sharing at Get Your DIY On: May Flowers!! Have a great weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  19. Love it! Really makes the boring pot so much prettier.
    I would love for you to share this at my T.G.I.F. Linky Party @ :) Have a great Memorial weekend!!


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