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The Three Photography Tips I use the Most

I have to start this post by saying I'm far from being a professional photographer. In fact, I don't enjoy the blogging part of taking pictures. In my pre-blogging years it was my husband the one who took pictures and videos of the kids and stuff, he sure loves it, after all he's a videographer. Now, if you have a blog, or even if you don't, you want to take decent pictures, practice and more practice, as with anything is the big key.

After a couple of years taking pictures on a daily basis, I want to share with you the three things that I almost always do to my pictures, because yeah, with good pictures my projects have a better chance to get feature on other blogs, gain more pins on Pinterest or probably make it to those "gawker" sites ;) which always translate into more traffic.

So without further ado, here they are:

No. 1 - Use a TRIPOD
It was hard for me to get used to this one, I just loved to take my camera and snap pictures of my projects, the problem was, most of my pictures turned out blurry (like the one below, taken without a tripod).  :(
My tripod is a "cheapo" one, I need to invest in one of better quality, but even using this one is better than no using it at all.

Sure, there are many times when I don't use it, especially when things are too high that most tripods can't reach. The coffee stool was used once again to get the top baskets shots on the hutch. But use a tripod, especially if light is low or when taking close up shots.

No. 2 - Make your pictures BRIGHTER
Even when using a digital camera that you have most of the tools to take perfect pics, you 're going to end up with pictures that are not so great, like the left picture below. Thankfully, most of today's photo editing programs give you the option to turn pictures like this one a whole lot brighter, which was the only thing this picture needed.

No. 3 - EDIT or CUT unwanted items
What is it that you want to show? Make the item you decide the main focus, especially on close up shots. My left picture below is showing a dead space under the shelf. It was cut away. Part of the saucers was also cut, making the old jar the most important item in this pic.

Again, the left picture below shows the elephant as the main object, in order to avoid unwanted items in the picture, a background was used, then the picture was edited, cut.

Well, that's it for now. Those are the three things I almost always do to my pics. I hope this can be of help.

Thanks for stopping by ;)


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  1. Fantastic tips!! I just purchased a tripod for the reason you mentioned.

  2. Thanks Christina - I really need to work on the photos in my blog. These are great tips!

  3. My son is a semi-professional photog...both still and video. You would think I would take awesome pictures...not so. They are horrible IF I remember to even take them! I thought I had an awesome digital camera until my son reminded me that it is 10 years old and pretty obsolete! Honestly, the little point and shoot digital I got for Christmas takes better pictures. One suggestion he did make, and I have taken to heart, is TURN OFF THE FLASH!!! Use natural light...and yes, a tripod! And if a flash is needed, use a "flash mount." I took photography in college...even learned to develop my own pictures in the dark room. Course that was before we had digital anything...we didn't even have computers except in research labs...

  4. Yes, great tips. I have a cheapo tripod, too and need a better one. I do wish folks would learn to brighten up their photos. It's so easy.

  5. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  6. I am working so hard to produce better pictures. I will take all of the tips I I just have to remember them all! Thanks for the great tips Cristina.

  7. I guess I need a Great tips some I already use.

  8. Great tips, I have a tripod, I just need a good camera now! Someday... I think you do a wonderful job with your photos!

  9. Buhhhh a mi me encantaría entender todo lo que pones de fotografía ,, es mi gran talón de Aquiles,,,

  10. Wow, great tips and you are doing a great job! Love your blog. :)

  11. Thanks so much for posting these tips! I usually do #2 and #3 and even those help at lot. I bought a tripod but it is still sitting in the box! Gotta get it out after reading your suggestions! I saw your post over at Savvy Southern Style blog party.

  12. I always love your photos. You have great color balance too.. you must use natural light most of the time. And you have great composition! I still don't use a tripod.. I need to drag it out.. you are right.

  13. Thanks for the tips Cristina! I'm lazy with the tripod but now I think I may have to try that too!

  14. Great tips, some of them I do, but the tripod is one I don't use..........but I have one so will definitely try it
    out and see if It makes for much better pictures. I have a tendency to move the camera when I push the
    button to take the picture. Thanks for sharing these..........
    Blessings, Nellie

  15. I love my tripod! Thank God for editing programs. Sometimes I will take a picture and have to edit the bujeebers out of it cuz I can't go back and take more pictures. Hubby bought me this gadget for my Iphone called trigger trap I hook my phone to my camera and I can take pics with it instead of fussing with my timer. It does other stuff too, but I find when I have low light, it helps to keep the camera still!. A little overpriced but a cool toy!

  16. Very quick and simple tips, my photography tips almost always include a tripod! Head over and check out my latest article discussing my 3 tips - lighting, emotion and composition! Photography Tips

  17. Great tips Cristina - I really have to get a tripod -
    ( I could win an incredible prize for worst photography on a blog - seriously lol )
    Have a great wknd

  18. your right about the tripod. changes everything in a photo. if i have an unusual spot i just place my camera on something and set the timer.

  19. Very good tips, I need to watch out for dark photos more, thanks for the reminder! -Dawn @ We Call It

  20. Great tips. I have a tripod, unfortunately I forget I have it!

  21. My nephew gave me a tripod for Christmas. I am over the moon. I am getting better with cropping, but I really need to work on light balance. This is a great post.


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