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Getting Better at Styling

After posting the pictures of the hutch makeover I received many good comments about its styling, which prompted me to share a bit more about the whole process. I'm by no means an expert but I've been learning, perhaps from many of you out there, and I've been practicing it for the past two years. It hasn't been easy for me, but the more and more you do it and pay attention to it, the easier it becomes, your eye gets used to seeing what's right or wrong, especially when you see it through your camera lens.

Let's see, this is the hutch's main picture:

As soon as I placed it in that corner, I knew it was somehow too short for my space, the bookcase I previously had in that spot almost reached the horizontal molding on the wall. The wire baskets were the solution to that trouble, they make it look taller than it is.
Some people thought there were music sheets inside the basket, but nope! Remember the old windows I found to decorate my living room? The wrapping paper used to decorate those windows was saved. Each of the pieces of paper was rolled and tied with jute rope. Some of them were rolled from the inside out and some of them the other way.
My husband had the brilliant idea to use the Four Documents of Freedom replicas I bought at Mount Vernon last year when I went with my son's class, I like that the documents had different heights, which gives them more interest.

The second basket it's been used to store papers, and magazines, at first I filled it with papers but it didn't look good through the lens, only three books in there looked way better.

I looked around the house for another similar basket, but couldn't find it, so the string holder was used instead. I like the movement the loose string gives to that corner.

This letter E was one of the objects I decided to use to decorate the hutch from the beginning, and that's also the item that gave me the idea of using that color throughout, well, besides white ;)

Yes, I wanted to have mainly white items, the whole piece was filled with white dishes, white cups, white everything, plus a few aqua accents. After taking a couple of pictures, the basket used as a drawer looked like a black hole against all the white! Time to go shopping the house for dark items.
The old thrifty jar with old rusty utensils inside it is perfect ;)

The string of white bells taken from the recycled Christmas tree before throwing it away came in handy right here. Some more movement coming out of the pitcher  ;)

The tarnished silver pieces...

And the nests balanced the dark color of the lower basket.

The theme was formed... white, teal, dark brown, and tarnished silver.

Mostly white in this next picture, but take into account the power of three, odd numbers, and the different heights. Your eye has to go from top to bottom one step at a time (framing the picture).

I'm using the basket to store cloth napkins, we don't use them frequently, and it will help the basket from getting damaged too soon. The center drawer is the one that's going to get lots of use, the kid's supplies are in there. The last drawer is still empty.

Well, there you have it, that's how the whole styling of the hutch took shape. I hope this can be of help to you. Feel free to share your tips ;)



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  1. Cristina you have an incredible talent in my opinion when it comes to styling. I love seeing what you come up with in all your decorating. I love your style!

  2. Hola Cristina ,, te felicito por ese gran trabajo , porque aparté de lo lindo que te quedo , muy útil ,,, adore toda la combinación ,,, el canasto arriba con papeles vintage , las piezas blancas , el fondo celeste y la caja de mimbre café ,, un perfecto colorido

  3. I love your shelf styling, in fact you inspired me to change the top of my hutch:)

  4. I love your styling. Plus you have such fabulous stuff and great taste! I'm slowly trying to build up my collection and I can't wait until my kids are older and so everything I set out stays put and doesn't end up as a 'toy.'

  5. This is brilliant! I need help with styling, so I really appreciate this Cristina! Thank you so much! Pinned!

  6. You do have an incredible sense of style. Love looking at all your pictures!!

  7. Your not only getting better, your becoming a real expert and true inspiration Cristina!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and expertise, Cristina! I really love everything about this hutch!

  9. Cristina, you are always the best at everything you do! Love your hutch. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips! Maria

  10. Your cabinet is gorgeous (I went to check out how it looked originally), you've done an amazing makeover on it and I love your styling.

  11. Cristina, you are right there is a process to the madness! I usually start by searching the house for "Like" items and then begin styling and restyling. Funny that it never turns out the way that I originally thought it would but that is part of the process! Your hutch looks wonderful!

  12. I LOVE your style. I would also love for you to share on my Chic By You Link Party @ Hope to see you there!

  13. oooh I love these tips..your pictures are gorgeous! I would love it if you would come join us for Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share your creativity with us. Hope you will come and party with us.
    Karin 

  14. Thank you for the details you shared in pulling this together. This will be very helpful to me.

  15. Christina, I just found your beautiful blog... I love the white hutch and all the great white dishes....I think the tarnished silver is just a perfect touch with all the beautiful dishes... I love white pitchers.. I have several. I am following along with you.. I hope you will stop by and visit with me and follow along too. Blessings!

  16. Great tutorial. I find myself looking at everything as a prop.:)

  17. How lovely! I just found your blog and love the clean white look of this hutch. I'll be following you via Bloglovin' as soon as I push "publish". If you have a spare moment, olease share with everyone at our link party going on right now.

  18. Such a beautiful piece, and it is styled perfectly! I know I already left this comment on your earlier post but I just have to say again that I LOVE those handles and how you incorporated the basket! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  19. You are a pro! I really needed to read your post! Thanks!

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