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Valentine Heart Art

This is a Valentine project but I need to start this post by talking about coffee because they relate. We love coffee, I think my husband likes it a lot more than what I do.  He used to have a cup of coffee at any given time during the day, of course many times I joined in for a cup or two, but lately and I might say due to age and the fact that it was making him feel more hyper than what he already is, our consumption has diminished.

So, how does this project relate to coffee? this is the answer:

The coffee cups
I buy this kind of coffee cups that he mainly uses while he drives to work, even though I've seen him using them when he's home too, and that's the thing! When he's home he doesn't use the lids, which leaves me with tons of them left over. So that's what I used:

This are the instructions if you want to create something similar:
Paint the lids white (I used acrylic paints), and cover the inside circle by hot-gluing a piece of burlap on it.

Shims are used to create the board, they were remnants from my Sunburst mirror project. They are also hot-glued onto the back of a cardboard poster in a zig-zag pattern, beginning at the center of the board. Cover all the board.

Flip the poster board.  Using a jig-saw cut all along the board lines the pieces of shim that stick out.

You're going to end up with a nice wooden surface (this alone will be a nice background when taking pictures).  For now, bring the lids and arrange them in a heart shape pattern.

It was too simple for my like.

So, I got some yarn to delineate the heart shape a bit better.

Go all around three times, add the l o v e letters...

A heart stamp in the center lid and you're done!

Check how it looks on my mantel right HERE.



  1. This is so clever! I love that you used those lids! I keep trying to come up with a way to use the expended Keurig cups...Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh wow, so creative! Great way to recycle too!

  3. YOU are SUCH a clever, clever girl! What a sweet idea. The ones I buy the lids are already white! Whoo Hooo! the kids could do something similar using paper rather than burlap and just gluing them to poster board. What a fun idea!!!!!! xo Diana

  4. You are so creative! So thoughtful too since the coffee is near and dear to the heart:) I love the way you did the wood! Loving the burlap too. You are on it, already talking V day:)

  5. Love this idea!! You are always thinking outside of the box. :)

  6. I love that looked at all those black coffee lids and came up with this great idea! And the pattern of the wood is awesome too! Well done!

  7. Yea, for reusing all those old lids! I love it Cristina! You are so clever, and the wood background is beautiful! Can't wait to see your mantle!

  8. You are just too clever! I couldn't figure out at first what they were (I was thinking mason jar lids) but love that you recycled your hubby's coffee cup lids! Pinning for sure!

    Thanks so much for the amazing inspiration, my friend!

    :) Linda

  9. Que lindo proyecto y que buen reciclaje de esos vasos de café .. Eres sorprendentemente creativa

  10. what a great project! We don't drink coffee, but do you think Starbucks will notice if I steal all their lids?!

  11. Wow! SO cute! Very clever using coffee lids. Love it!

  12. You are just too clever. What a create use for something that would just end up in the trash. Repurposing at its finest!

  13. So creative Cristina- wow!! Pinning:)

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