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Chalkboard Labels

It looks like the chalkboard trend is here to stay!

And so very happy because I'm loving it.

Chalkboard labels are my topic today, aren't they fun?!

Really, any basket, box, drawer, you name it, looks way better with a chalkboard label on it.

They are very economical.

If you change the content on your baskets or containers, you simply erase the words and write down your new sign, it can't be any easier than that ;)

Here are some of the projects I've added chalkboard labels to, and they sure look way better than without them.

A package of Self-Stick Chalkboard Sheets found at the dollar store was the one that gave me the push to get into this trend, and let me tell you... that's one of the best. buys. I've. ever gotten. 

The three sheets that came in that package are the ones I've been using for all the projects you're going to see in this post.

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These plain baskets were my guinea pig.

Some pieces of wood, paint, and of course chalkboard labels made them look waaay better.

Pair up with some ornaments and a vibrant ribbon, this next chalkboard label gives life to a sad brown basket.

Once again, it makes for a pretty Holiday decoration, this time in my daughter's bedroom.

These glass containers in the kitchen looked kind of boring :/

Chalkboard sheets to the rescue again :)  The outline was done with a silver Sharpie.

Later on, they were easily transformed to decorate the kitchen for the Holidays.

My latest project using labels was my pantry.  It is not this messy anymore!

Five long labels were also crafted from the same sheets.

My supply is almost gone, only a half sheet is what remains of the three I got.

But I'm happy because is a dollar that was well spent.

Installing pull-out shelves in my pantry was great, I can find anything inside there, but the labels and the chalkboards are the ones that make me smile every time I open those doors ;)
chalkboard labels used to decorate around your home

Are you loving it or are you already looking for what's next?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I didn't know you could get those at the DOllar store? I had to buy mine! Thanks for the tip and love it a lot!

  2. Holy dollar store. The hunt is on to see if we can get them in Canadian dollar stores!! You are going to be so organized and I have barely started for 2014. Way to go girl!!

  3. Yo compre en los EEUU un papel de tiza para hacer lo mismo que tu ., pero el tuyo es adhesivo ? O hay que pegarlo

  4. The dollar store?! I need to get over there quick. :)

  5. The dollar store! Those are awesome, Cristina. I love everything that you have done with them.

  6. Love this! Alas, I couldn't find the sheets at any of my local $ stores. Where did you get your wooden tags?

  7. LOVE the chalkboard labels Cristina- just made some for my closet...

  8. I haven't been able to find the chalkboard sheets at the dollar store any longer :( The wooden tags were bought at Michael's.

  9. Olá Cristina, amei conhecer seu blog.
    Parabéns pelas belas postagens.
    Vou ficando por aqui.

  10. I will have to look and see if Dollar Tree has the labels--never thought to look there for them. It's a lovely idea--I like them on your baskets and jars.

  11. I love this idea…would make my cupboards seem much more organised!!!

  12. I love chalkboard labels, and have some I made last fall that i've been using over and over! I just bought some chalk pens, no more smearing, I love them! You look very organized! love the JOY on your canisters for the holidays!

  13. Wonderful post! I'm in the process of revamping my craft space and could really use some labels for baskets, boxes, jars, shelves and more. Thanks for the fabulous idea.

  14. Loved this post and these ideas. Can I just say how much I LOVE your desk area. That one made me sigh. Those chalkboard sheets are fabulous! Great use for $1. Thanks for joining up with The Scoop. Be blessed, Barb

  15. That was so worth $1! I can't wait to check my store!

  16. I love everything chalkboard related and your tags are adorable! I hope you will stop by for a visit.

  17. I am definitely into chalkboard and hope it never goes out of style! I can't believe how much mileage you got out of those 3 sheets. Love the labels and your pantry looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my spice cabinet. Your comments are set to noreply. Have a wonderful week!

  18. So many great projects! I just remembered I have some chalkboard labels I haven't used yet. Better bust those out!

  19. LOVE chalkboard labels!!! So classic! Yours look great!

  20. I am totally addicted to chalkboard labels- excited I check my Dollar store!

  21. I'm also lovin' chalkboard labels. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.


  22. I am off on a mission now! Wow that is one way to really stretch a great idea!

  23. Fabulous ideas as usual dear Cristina. Your pantry is amazing with the chalk board labels. Cayetana is so happy to receive comments. Esta feliz que se los pase leyendo...jejejejeee.. Gracias mil.

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