My Christmas mantel was about angels, you can check the post right HERE. The angels picture art was, as I told you, a simple decoupaged work where I copied and enlarged a greeting card my family received long ago. Each angel was copied and enlarged apart and then the three of them were placed together on the board. Some glitter was added to their halos. You can find a copy of the card right HERE.

There were many more angels added to the mantel, let's check these three:

Wood remnants, long 2 x 2 were screwed to small pieces of 2 x 4 using the Kreg jig. In order to support the head a 3" nail was driven on the top.

White socks were my best option for the heads, and let me tell you, those were the only ones I found around the house, my daughter doesn't use this kind of sock any more and my son only uses dark color socks, and these weren't in their best condition ;)  Well they were stuffed and tied with a rubber band and placed over the nail.

Their gowns was the hard part for me to create.  Long folded triangles made the sleeves and a long rectangle made the dress.  I tried to use my sewing machine to put it together but NOPE. I couldn't!  A hot glue gun was my best friend.

The wings were traced and cut out of craft paper. They were also attached with hot glue.

Three or four rings made out of wired ribbon served as hair/halos.  Lastly and after checking different eye options, the closed eyes were the ones I preferred (small pieces of leather thread), one of the angels got Sharpie painted eyes.

Ribbons and laces were hot glued to the dresses to spruce them up.

Two paper cone angels were also created.  Paper mache cones, white fabric, decorative ribbon, 3" Styrofoam balls covered with white yarn and craft paper for the wings were all put together with a hot glue gun.

Old cherubs I already had were painted white before attaching them to the garland.

The tutorial on how to make the wooden angels is right HERE.

Flea market finds were updated with white paint.

Here all of them.

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  1. Cristina Feliz 2014!! Me encanta como quedó ese rincón con Angeles junto a la chimenea, es hermoso! Muy bien explicados los DIY, de como hacer los ángeles en casa, te felicito, quedaron bellísimos! Victoria

  2. Adorable mantle. You put a lot of work into those angels, they are beautiful

  3. You had such a beautiful fireplace this Christmas Cristina!! I love angels. Your homemade ones are adorable.

  4. Wow, your mantle looks awesome. I framed that same angel card and used it this year too. So adorable.
    I love angels too, it wouldn't be Christmas without them, but it is funny that we always think of angels as women, but all the angels spoken of in the bible were all men.........
    Anyway, loved your display it is

    Blessings for a lovely New Year, Nellie

  5. so very pretty come see us at

  6. Hola Cristina lindo ese rincón con ángeles .. Un buen trabajo con un resultado muy delicado


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