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Painted Tray with Greek Key Design

After trying AS chalk paint on my dining room chairs, I was eager to try some more colors, so I went ahead and got some more paint. This time I was trying out this beautiful color: Duck Egg.

As soon as I got home I looked for a mini-project to test this new paint, and a tray was a perfect choice.

I loved the color, the previous cherry-colored tray (Oooops! forgot to take a before pic), was immediately transformed, but it was too plain for my liking.

Looking at the little lines the tray has on the sides gave me the idea of painting something with little lines on the surface of the tray.

What better way to do it than with a Greek Key design!  

This is how it went:


The tape was placed all around the perimeter of the tray (I didn't want to deal with measurements).

Given that I wanted thin stripes on the design, Washi tape was also used and cut in thirds (the dots helped on keeping straight lines).

Three pieces of tape were placed alongside the white tape previously attached, leaving small gaps in between each line, as seen in the picture below.

This is how it looked at the end of this step.

-Using tape (again, trying to avoid too many measurements), the corner squares were set. Trimming the excess with an X-Acto knife.

More lines of Washi tape were placed all around the squares, continuing the design as seen in the picture below. 

Cutting the pieces of tape on the marked areas.

Here is when I decided to cut through all those lines, after all, the Greek Key symbolizes infinity or the eternal flow of things.  

This step was not as flawless as I would've hoped.  It took me a long time to cut all those little pieces of tape!


After all the cutting and the removal of the white tape guides, one coat of the same ASCP Duck Egg that the tray was painted with, was applied to seal those edges and to get straight lines.

Once that base coat is dry, you can go ahead and apply two coats of ASCP Old White, waiting for each coat to dry completely before applying a new coat.


Removing the pieces of tape was easy with the help of the X-acto knife.

And yes, there were mistakes!  

Parts where the lines were not drawn and parts where the "flawless" design was stopped :)

It was left like that!

After a coat of clear wax and slightly buffing, this is how it looks.

It was one of those easy projects that turned out a bit more complex than I imagined :/

All in all, I love how it turned out and my daughter is already enjoying it :)


  1. That was a lot of work but so beautiful in the end. A really beautiful and intricate design.

  2. Such a great colour, I would like to try the real chalk paint some day, when I'm rich :)

    You have the patience of a saint, Cristina! I won't even attempt something that intricate, not if I want to keep the small piece of sanity I try to maintain each day.

  3. Wow, Christina, that looks so good. I cannot do tedious work like that. I just don't have the patience.

  4. Hi Christina, The tray looks wonderful! I have been browsing your project archives and they are all fabulous. I am amazed at how you transformed your kitchen! New follower here.
    :) Sherry

  5. Wow that looks like alot of work but the end result was well worth it, it is stunning.


    Creative Raisins

  6. It looks so good! I never would have even noticed the mistakes. I totally know those kinds of projects that take longer when you think, "This will be quick and easy" It was worth it though, and great idea to use the washi tape and follow the dots!

  7. I love all things Greek key so I'm smitten with your tray. I especially love it that you didn't bother fixing up the odd mistake here and there - a girl after my own heart ;)

  8. Great, great, great! I love every detail in this DIY, I have a tray nearly equal. And I don't use it because I don't like the colour. I have to do something like this with it.
    Hugs from Jerez


  9. Such a creative idea, Cristina. I loved how you used the washi tape that way. The color looks beautiful.

  10. Qué lindo color Cristina ,, y que perfecto trabajo !! Me encantan lo detallado de tus tutoríales

  11. it was long to do but it was worth it Cristina! :-) I love how it looks with the Greek key design. a couple of months ago, I decided to 'gold leaf' something and it took me hours, much longer than expected but it was worth it too! :-) & glad your girl likes using it to serve breakfast :-)

  12. Wow Cristina! That tray turned out beautifully! I love the extra detail you added, more than just the basic greek key. Duck Egg blue is such a lovely color, but you're right, that tray needed a little bit more. Now it looks like you picked it up in some designer boutique. Great job, as always.


  13. This turned out amazing! Good job! I love the color.

  14. Wow! This turned out so pretty. Thanks for the detailed tutorial. We'd love for you to link this up at our new All Things Thursday Blog Hop. Hope to see you there!

  15. Wow...that's some patience...but the end result is so fabulous!!

  16. love love this! i'm so loving the greek key and the duck egg blue. gorgeous job

  17. This turned out beautiful!! It just goes to show what a little patience can accomplish ;) You did a fabulous job! Thanks so much for sharing at All Things Thursday!


  18. I loooove the pattern you made Cristina! Another beautiful project!

  19. You did a beautiful job - so pretty!

  20. Gorgeous tray makeover! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party:

  21. You must have a steady hand to do just intricate detail so beautiful sending the blog love via weekend wrap up lorraine at

  22. Beautiful!! Greek key is so chic. Great job!

    Stephanie @

  23. Wow, that does look pretty complicated! But it turned out really well. I love the idea of using a Greek key design! Great job!

  24. Wow, this is unreal. It looks amazing and you are a genius with that tape. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  25. This is gorgeous! You did such an amazing job with this! I don't know if I would have ever had the patience to do this! Pinning! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 4 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  26. Hola Cristina! La verdad que te quedó perfecta. Ese tono de gris es realmente hermoso, y qué paciencia la tuya!
    Gracias por tu visita y por tan lindo comentario.

  27. So pretty you did a great job the flowers are pretty too

  28. Amazing, your attention to detail is very impressive. I would never have had the patience to do that. Turned out wonderful!

  29. Your tray is fabulous and oh, so chic! Love it. Stopping by from Savvy Southern Style.

  30. Wow.. I love this. You did a great job!

    Visiting today from Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too


  31. So beautiful! I envy your patience, the tray is absolutely stunning.

  32. Amazing job....The tray looks so professional now that it is done. The color combination is great, too!
    Jamie |

  33. Looks great!...but what a tedious job taping and cutting. You have much more patience than I do.

  34. It turned out lovely. I think you have inspired me to paint an old cherry wooden tray I have.

  35. Your tray is perfection! I adore Greek Key design.

  36. Oh man! You are way more patient that I am! The tray is fabulous - well worth the time. Dropping by from Met Monday.


  37. Your tray is amazing my friend! You and only you can be so talented and patient to make things soo perfect! Eres no solo talentosa, sino hábil y prolija! Mil abrazos, amiguita!

  38. This is so pretty Cristina!! What a lovely colour combo and the design is fabulous!!

  39. Just beautiful! You chose such soothing colors too. It was worth all the meticulous work - because it came out so pretty! Well done! Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures)

  40. This is so pretty! Love the color. You did a great job painting it.


  41. Looks great! There are no mistakes... it gives the tray character! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  42. Such a creative idea. It turned out fabulous!

  43. So absolutely gorgeous! As usual, your projects take my breath away!!

    xo Kylie

  44. This is fantastic! Please SHARE this cool post at my linky party if you haven’t already, hope you stop by every week and please add as many as you would like! I really appreciate your support and encouragement .

    Be Sweet~
    Christina at

  45. Beautiful !! Seems you did it so easy !! Wonderful job !!Came from get your DIY fall party !!

  46. This is amazing! I had no idea that washi tape could be used as painter's tape, but I am so trying this now. I absolutely love how this tray turned out-- what a gorgeous piece for your home! Thank you so much for linking up at "Get Your DIY On"! I hope to see you back on Sunday with your fall wreath! Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  47. It's beautiful!! Don't you love ASCP? That stuff is awesome. I have a recent love of Greek key drapery trims, too.
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  48. Wow... U really blown my head away, Mrs. C? I so love & drool about how you came to that idea.

    Thumbs up.

    Have a great w/end.
    /CC girl

    My post about Blue Friday was dated 14th of Sept. in case you have time to visit the summer day in Stockholm.

  49. Wow, that's gorgeous. You have sooooooo much patience! Well done! Kath

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