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Diy Bookcases for Bedroom - Part 2

For the first part of the Bookcases you can click HERE.  This is how they looked at the end of the day.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and good comments on the previous post.  As I always say I am NOT  a professional (far from that).  You, dear Karen, were comparing me to Norm Abrams! Although I love and admire his work, I am completely sure I'm a rookie compared to him! This post couldn't be more evident, hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

Here comes the first one.  I was so excited to see the carcasses there on the wall that I began closing that top part.  With my husband gone for a whole month I thought about surprising him with this project done.  Hmmm... It didn't happened though. :/

As soon as I finished closing that top part on both bookcases, which included a whole lot of time trying to do perfect cuts around those beams, I discovered that I should have waited to do that after installing the face frame!   That night I was so disappointed to know all that work had to be done one more time!

The following day was dedicated to put together the face frames.  At this point you need to know how high your baseboard is going to run, taking in consideration the flooring space and any reveal. Also, door sizes, and how low you want to bring the top part.

The face frames were put together with the Kreg Jig.  Measurements are critical for this part.  As soon as I finished assembling the first frame I went to put it in front of the bookcase and OOOPS!! It was 3/4" wider than the bookcase!   I was running to unscrew the whole thing before the glue had set as a stone, cut the 3/4" on every horizontal piece, centered the lower one, drilled the Kreg holes once more and assembled it again.

Oh, on the second frame, the middle board broke while screwing it! I was fuming!
Well, after nailing the frame in place it was time to finish the top (again!).
Now onto my third or fourth mistake?  The top part had to be included in the whole face frame, since I didn't do it that way I had to go piece by piece, not the best way, too many partitions!
The only piece I run from end to end was that white piece of trim, in fact, is a baseboard placed upside down ( My daughter was not too happy holding the other side of the board while I measured  and checked and double checked for the tenth time how well my cuts around the beams were done before installing it!)

I couldn't use crown molding because it is a slanted ceiling (maybe it can be used, but I didn't dare using it!).  The baseboard was placed flat on the front, I didn't bother mitering those corners because of the same issue, the slanted ceiling!  The butt joints were sanded pretty well to follow the trim contour.  Shoe molding at the top closed the little gap.

A small half round trim was attached to cover up the seams.  On the sides, flat pieces of lattice were also added.

Then I went to work on the middle part, the chimney section.  Using 2x4's and plywood a "wall" was created, this way I can hide cables on the back.

My husband's return was a couple days away, so big help was needed.  Ha, that was little help, that face doesn't say happiness.  He sanded the four doors I took off from my bath vanity, the ones I chose to re purpose in this project (we were still using them, but I know the "kitchen cabinet vanity" needs to get out of our bathroom someday).

And I primed and I painted, just one coat, because it was not fully ready some caulking was still missing, but I wanted the hub to see something nice.

An opening for the outlet was left, one more opening at the top was left because I installed LIGHTS! Yes I'm yelling!  The opening at the top was left to work the lights, it's going to be covered later on.

This was the easiest way ever for me to install lights that's why I'm so happy!  Because First, That outlet is connected to a switch on the other side of the room.  Second, The strip of LED lights (5 meter) has a sticky side, you just peel off the backing and stick it wherever you want.  Third, you connect the strip of lights to the transformer and as soon as you plug that baby, you have lights!

You can click HERE for the full tutorial I followed to get this kind of lights.

I installed the strip only at the top since the other shelves are not going to be fixed ones.

Little holes allow the strip to go from one bookcase to another.  Here the center section of my bookcases where I sent the lights to the top and back on the false wall until it reaches the outlet.

This was the hubs surprise.  Not totally done, but almost.  What he liked the most: The lights!  He doesn't have to work on that :)

I already ordered the fireplace.  This is what I got.

For the full reveal click HERE.



  1. Looks fab Cristina! Looks professionally made! Glad you a got some help and I love that you added that lighting! Can't wait to see the fireplace go in and of course the final reveal! good morning!

  2. Cristina you never cease to amaze me! These look so beautiful and the lighting rocks!!!

  3. Great work, Christina! I like how you worked around the beams, very professional looking.

  4. you did magic!!! awesome wonderful job on what you did so far!

  5. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who has to redo things two or three or four times! I do my best work when hubby is out of town, for the same reason-- pressing deadline and the need to impress with my progress. I am impressed!

  6. dang cristina! i love how that looks already, the lightings are just awesome! i'm not sure if you can still remember when you posted about your bedroom storage solutions and had pictures that inspired you - i was inlove with the lighted shelvings and now look at you! you have a lighted shelvings on your book case! i'm so jealous right now ♥


  7. That is awesome!! You inspire me to keep going. I so want to be building something, but need to finish little painting projects for my office.
    I can't wait to see it finished.

  8. It already looks great! After so much measuring, everything fits perfectly - and I love the soft glow of that string of lights!

  9. Those lights are so cool! They look so thin! I need to check those out. (The whole thing looks awesome btw.)

  10. An amazing family! I can wait!


  11. Wow!!! I love it so far - the lights are such a great touch. Adds wonderful warmth and ambiance to that part of the room. I bet you are glad to have the hubby back. One month without him is a long time!

  12. Cristina- WOW! That is a big job and the lighting is a grand touch. You have really done a ton of work in there. I can't wait to see the full reveal-xo Diana

  13. You are working sooooo hard! I can't wait to see the finished project.

  14. Holy Wow! I give you so much credit for (1) the sheer scope of the work you've undertaken (2) the persistence with which you tackle and correct issues that arise as you're "learning on the job" so to speak and (3) the results. I'm no expert by a long-shot but I think the pros make oopsies too and jerry-rig things along the way, and the end result is still wonderful. Kudos to you, you are one gutsy, talented woman.

  15. So I am reading all this and chuckling to myself thinking, this all sounds so familiar! I think we are twins, although you did get the Norm Abrams gene! It looks fantastic. BTW, those lights are pretty cool and that fireplace is going to be so nice on a chilly night. What a fantastic idea! Cheers Cristina.

  16. Such an ambitious project! I just love how it is all coming together so beautifully (okay, with a few oops and lessons learned too!)

    :) Linda

  17. Looking great! Love your talent!
    House on the Way

  18. Cristina, it is so gorgeous! You are so good at DIY. This project is looking amazing. I would love if you come by and share it at my new link party if you get a chance. It is open until tomorrow morning.Beautiful!

  19. You amazed me every time I come by. Your so talented!


  20. It's really coming along... Don't you know all DIYers hit these bumps in the road! We're not pros, so it's okay:) but we can learn from each other so thanks for sharing! It is going to look amazing when you are done!!

  21. It looks great! I have always wanted to tackle a project like this....but chickened out. You did great!

  22. My head is swirling just from the way you described your obstacles :)

    It's looking fabulous. I really like those lights and will take a peek at how they are installed.

    Keep it going girl, you are so awesome!

  23. This is going to be amazing! I love it so much, and the lights add that special touch! Great job!

    That sounded like me and some of my projects, I hate it when I made mistakes and have to fix and re-fix. But in the end no one ever knows!

  24. You did a fantastic job, sugar!! I love those bookcases.

  25. Crisina, I thnk I'm going to go buy my Power tools! You make it look so easy! Your welcome to my home any day along with all your wonderful power tools!

  26. Oy! I cant wait to make my hubby build me some!! they are awesome!

    Id love for you to come over and link up, we party every Friday!


  27. You so totally blow my mind! You must weigh all of about 90lb's soakin' wet and you can pull this off all by yourself... well a little help!!! I could hardly even follow you with all the work around the beams and top, much less be able to DO it! I can't wait to see it finished! What a fantastic job so far!

  28. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing :) Can't wait to see it all completed.
    Love those lights!

    Blessings & Hugs ...

  29. Oh. My. Gosh. I don't know what to say that I haven't already said, but you go girl!! The lights look great. I love those LED light strips. I've installed them under our kitchen cabinets and in the laundry room, but not on any of our book cases. Yours look so nice, maybe I should! I CAN NOT wait for the full reveal of this bedroom. You are amazing!


  30. Awesome job! I entertain the thought of putting built in's in my dining room for much needed storage. This great how to info!The lighting is a wonderful addition as well.

  31. Congratulations on a wonderful job. It is wonderful that you are able and excited to build like you have. Wishing I had that gift, too.


  32. WOW! Where do you live.....can you come to my house and work your magic??!!! Fabulous! Can't wait to see more!!

  33.! Even if you know you made mistakes along the way, you're doing a fantastic job! I can't wait for the reveal (better go see if there is one!)

    Thanks for sharing your hard work, Cristina!

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