A New Lighting Solution

I've been really busy, Thanksgiving day is around the corner, Christmas time is quickly approaching, and all the things that go around the household add up to me being that busy!  Yesterday I was taking my daughter to have her wisdom teeth taken out :(   that means the nurse apron is also on.  So far she is doing OK, she is a pretty strong girl!

This week it was all about giving the dinning room a make-over.  The first thing to take care of was the lighting, the blue chandelier I spray painted for Easter time had to go.

Long time ago I bought this paper lanterns at Ikea, they were supposed to go into my daughter's room but I changed my mind and didn't use them.  They have been sitting away waiting for their time to shine, so that's what I used.

To cover the two lights, three of this packets of wood veneer were bought.

Three coats of dark stain were applied to the veneer.

Then it was attached to the paper lanterns with hot glue.

When all the vertical pieces and the center, horizontal piece were attached, the paper was removed.  I didn't like that part! There were lots of tiny pieces that didn't want to come off! My fingers are still sore!

The remaining horizontal lines were cut in small pieces gluing both ends to the verticals, one by one.

I also wanted to give them diagonal lines, but the three packets of veneer were not enough for that.
After  trying to remove more pieces of the paper and with the light on, this is how they look above the Thanksgiving table.

I like the shadows they create at night time.  Since I had the paper lanterns with the electrical it was an economical way to get this light fixtures, the total for the three packets of veneer was almost $20.

More pics of the tablescape are HERE.

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  1. that is SO, SO COOL! I bet the shadow at night looks pretty cool too!

  2. So much nicer than those paper shades! Great transformation.

  3. Cristina, those are so great!!! Very creative!

  4. Cristina. What a great idea! Now THAT is something you won't see at your neighbor's house. I'll bet the shadow play is really something to see~ xo Diana

  5. How clever of you! What a great solution, and it looks fantastic over your Thanksgiving table. Well done!

  6. Very creative! Looks great with your Thanksgiving table.

  7. These are fantastic, Christina! They look wonderful in your space, and thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. :) Megan

  8. Hello from your neighbor at Between Naps..... These lights are so cute. They look very high-end. Who would ever know they started with those paper kits. Well-done!!!

  9. this lighting solution is just way pretty cool cristina! :) love, love it!!

    hope your fingers are not sore anymore but i bet it's all worth it...


  10. Such a great idea! I love how they turned out!

  11. these lights are sooooo fun! what a terrific idea! You are so creative.... Looks great above our table too....

    hugs x

  12. What a brilliant and creative idea - just love them!!!

  13. Wow what a cool idea! I would have never thought of using veneer tape for lighting. Love the look!

  14. What a cool idea! It looks amazing, want to do your magic lamp trick! Have a beautiful day and Thanks for sharing

  15. Those are so cool - love the added interest by taking the paper off. Hope your fingers are feeling better! What we'll do for DIY project :)

  16. I love that idea. I am thinking about making three of those to hang at different lengths above my new staircase. Would it have been possible to take the paper off before? And then maybe sand off any extra paper?

    Thanks for any advice.

  17. Thanks Jenna!
    I didn't take the paper off before gluing them just b/c I was afraid they would fall apart! Now that they are all done I might say you could take off the paper around most of the lantern BUT leaving on the top part that attaches it to the circle or opening of the lantern, that part is held in place only by the paper. The veneer would cover that part.

    All around the lantern you can glue the veneer to that tiny swirling "wicker" material, even though it is very flimsy I think it can be lightly sanded. My husband suggested me to sand it but I didn't take the risk, I didn't want to go and buy another one!

    I hope this helps!


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