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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

My kids enjoyed their playground for many years, but they hadn't been using it much lately, they kind of outgrown it, I think.  

The last time they try to use the swing, it broke!  :(

Hubby began to disassemble it, taking his time (This is what I've seen for almost a month).  He was planning on throwing the pieces away.  Of course, I was not going  to let that happened!

For my first project, the highlighted pieces of wood were going to be my material, they were cut away with a circular saw...

Leaving me with that ladder, I'm thinking on bring it inside the house, but is really big and very heavy...
I still have more thinking to do!   I guess that's another post.

The project of the day was to build a frame to upgrade one of those cheap behind the door mirrors.

The pieces of wood were routed, that's were the mirror will lay.  Second time using a router ( the first time was used in a similar way to build a bathtub cover), and let me tell you it is very easy to use.  I spent more time reading the instructions on how to install the bit than routing all the pieces for this project!

After the four pieces of wood were routed, they were cut to size mitering the corners.

Wood glue and some nails kept those corners strong.

Then, a coat of clear Polyurethane was applied.

The old mirror was kept in place stapling the same old cardboard backer, and then that nice old rusty hardware was installed.

And here is the "new" mirror in its place.

I love its texture, the color, the old feel!

The before and after.

Now, the thing to say is... Mirror, mirror on the wall.... who is the cheapest of them all?! Because this project cost me zero, nothing, nada.  And that's the best of all!

The remaining of the playset was repurposed into this super cool project right HERE.

The mirror went to my daughter's room right HERE:

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  1. Christina, you are amazing! The mirror looks so beautiful! You always have the best ideas and inspiration! The ladder is also a great project. Can NOT wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I forgot to say, thank you for visiting during the weekend. My days have been so busy, not much time for anything! By the way, your comments are now showing normal again, no more no-reply. Have a great week!

  3. Love how your mind works Christina! Turned out beautiful!

  4. Awesome! Love the naturally aged wood too!!

  5. yes for aged wood and recycling! Love the new look!

  6. Cristina- I love it-it looks wonderful-old and perfect! xo Diana

  7. Timber is so great isn't it, when it has been left outside to weather. Love your new mirror Cristina !

  8. Great job repurposing and this was a long stretch from playground equipment to a classy mirror! I am loving the ladder you have saved.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  9. Great transformation. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. Such a fabulous transformation! I would not have thought of that in a million years! Have a great week!

    Take care,


  11. Cristina, Your mirror is terrific. What a great idea. Love the old wooden frame.
    Mary Alice

  12. What an amazing project! I love that you used the wood from the kid's playground. Sure to be some good memories there. I like the ladder too! I've always wanted to find a ladder like that and maybe hang it over my patio table with lanterns or over the dining table. Looks great!

  13. Beautiful! I've been wanting to do something similar for my entry. Now I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the mirror how perfect. The frame is stunning and such a great idea. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  15. What a great idea. I love it!!

  16. You did an amazing job! I love the weathered wood. It really is a fabulous transformation.

  17. It's great when you can reuse items that you already have on hand to create something new and fabulous, and you did it with this mirror--beautiful, Christina!

  18. So clever! It turned out really great. My husband and I did something similar when we were looking for large mirrors for our bedroom. They started at $300 so instead we made one!

  19. love it cristina!

    i'll take that ladder--also fabulous!


  20. Yay for FREE projects! Turned out great :)

  21. I love this. How very thrifty and what a treasure to save all those memories.
    Have a Beautiful weekend,

  22. looks great! visiting from savvy southern style :)

  23. Wow, what a great example of using what your have! Your mirror is gorgeous - love the weathered patina!

  24. You know my favorite part of this project? Apart from you rocking the power tools and your AMAZING photography (I have to get off the Auto button!) is the fact that you were able to keep a little part of your kid's childhood and repurpose into your home! That makes me smile!



  25. One of the ladies in the office at just came across your blog and thought this was such a great idea.

    We really love what you did with the mirror and what a brilliant way to recycle. Fabulous1

  26. I love this! I'm not super comfortable with the router but this looks like a good project to practice with!

    Come visit us at!

  27. So awesome! I love it, I made a frame for a mirror out of old wood from my in-laws, but it is not as awesome as yours!

    I have a router now but only one routing bit, and I am still getting the nerve to use it....I got a kick out of it taking you longer to read than actually doing...that is just like me!

    Also thanks for your sweet comment on my bench, I too am addicted to the Kreg jig!

  28. It looks great! Nice texture addition to your wall ;-)


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