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Fall - Halloween Porches

skeleton on tree by the steps

Colonial home for Fall

Let's go on a walk to spy all the Halloween décor going on around the hood!

Having a husband and a daughter that get easily freaked out with Halloween décor, my only option is to admire the pretty displays my neighbors set up on their front yards and porches.

I usually buy the cutesy Halloween décor, but I'm super glad that my neighbors go all out with scary and not so scary Halloween décor every single year!

Let me show you as I walk down the street...
yellow leaves on the floor - Fall

Most of the houses were dressed in a simple Fall-ish style, a beautiful wreath on the door, or some pumpkins down the steps.
Colonial home with porch & pumpkins on the steps

The trees with so many colorful leaves framing the pretty porches.
pumpkins and scare crows on the porch

I've been experiencing porch envy for a long time now. So many porches, and I have none.
pumpkins on the railing

I love this sitting space and how neat a "shelf" was built to display those pumpkins on the rail.
pumpkins sitting on the porch railing

I passed the back alleys...
back alley entrance

More pretty homes...
colonial home dressed for Halloween

With beautiful porches nicely decorated for Halloween. I'd say the effect was more pretty than spooky!
front door Halloween decor

cottage house with front porch decorated for Halloween

The crunching sound as I stepped on all those leaves was fun!
Colorful tree leaves on the ground

colorful tree leaves on the ground

While reaching one that definitively says "Fall" with its arrangement of the dried cornstalks...
Colonial home front porch decorated for Fall

The first spooky welcoming was given to me by this pal!
skeleton and tombs on porch steps

Its porch couldn't be lovelier.
Colonial home decorated for Halloween

red front door decorated for Halloween

The cobwebs give this next house the feel I was looking for. :)
Spooky halloween decor

Until I reached my friend Gail's house! 

Cobwebs, checked. 
Freaky pictures, checked. 
Spiders, bats, skeletons -checked!
spooky house for Halloween

I love all the details Gail always use to give her home all that spooky factor!
Spooky house

Chester her dog, trying to talk things over with that rat.
Pumpkins down the steps

By the look on her face, it looks like she is not very convinced.
Rat and pumpkin

Neither on this one!

The spookiest home in my neighborhood!
Spooky house decor

At night, when the lights are on, I like it the most.
Spooky home porch decor

Just wait until Halloween night, when added creepy sounds will make more than one kid stay away from this one!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I am a "no spooky decorations" creps me out and it freaks the children out. I am just ready for Christmas and baby Jesus :)

  2. you have a pretty nice neighborhood!

    your girlfriend gail really take Halloween seriously! i don't think any kid that's brave enough to walk up that porch trick or!

    my favorite is the second floor window - that is really unexpected!


  3. LOve walking with you! I am coming from It's Overflowing.... I am a new follower. So nice to meet you Christina!

  4. Great porches what a fun walk. Almost looked like a magazine spread!

  5. I think we should introduce your friend, Gail, to my cousin, Deb! All of those porches are beautiful and I, too, have porch envy!

  6. What a lovely neighborhood you live in.

  7. I enjoyed the stroll through the neighborhood. Thanks for taking me along to visit the porches.


  8. I really enjoyed this walking tour! I love going on walks, looking at homes and their landscapes. I especially love all the white picket fences in your neighborhood. So pretty! Thanks for taking us along.

  9. Lovely neighborhood. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  10. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  11. What a pretty neighborhood! Love the houses and decorations!

  12. What a fun neighborhood you live in. I'm hopping over from Cowgirl up. Happily enjoying my visit to your sweet blog I am already following along. Hugs

  13. You have a beautiful neighborhood! I love all the fall decorations and the homes are just gorgeous with those front porches. We have one home in our neighborhood that really goes all out at Halloween. It's so much fun!

  14. Gorgeous homes and neighborhood. Love all the decor. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  15. Nice ornaments, I must say. The design for the porch in one of the middle pics fits in with the square columns.

  16. I want a house that looks like this, a house that looks like one on the suburbs. I recently bought a house I had it demolished because its style does not fit me,the price is cheap so I went for it. I just need a licensed general contractor and an architect to start designing for my house and your house will be my model.

  17. My neighbors have an inflatible addiction. If it is made to be blown up (filled with air) they will display it.

  18. What a beautiful neighborhood!! I really enjoyed the tour :)

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