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Spanish Style Architecture

I'm trying to catch up with everything, comments, bills, laundry, home organization, kids going back to school, and so many other things before I begin working on some projects I need to tackle.

That's why today I'm sharing with you some pics I took while vacationing at Bogota - Colombia.  I just finished taking them off from my computer, but I couldn't leave them sitting there!

I gave you a small glimpse of the Spanish Style in my previous post about windows. But there are many historic neighborhoods in Bogota where I could admire this style.  Houses that have been turned around into businesses, government sites or simply tourist destinations, they are all tied by the same: the Spanish style.

 Like in this two story house, now used by the government.

I already told you how much I love those terracotta tile roofs like in this tourist destination house.

A plain old church with its arched doorway. 

Streets lined on each side with houses full of personality.

Porches are another of my favorites. 

Windows and doors with iron grills.

This next house is now used as a music shop in the Usaquen area.

The passing of time is evident in this old La Candelaria neighborhood.

I love the intricate detail in this wooden door.

Another door with different but beautiful details.

Most of the houses are white, but that doesn't mean you can't go purple or any color you like!

I close my post with these two entrances, aren't they wonderful?



  1. LOVE IT! ...and terracotta tiles roofs are my favorite!!

  2. I enjoyed all of your vacation pictures. I'm sure you had a hard time saying goodbye to your family.

  3. Cristina, I just love your photos. What a wonderful city to call home and to visit. It must have been hard to leave your family. I love the simplicity of the architecture - xo Diana

  4. I love this architecture. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your photos. What a lovely place to visit.

  5. Beautiful photos of beautiful architecture! I ccam visiting the other day from Rhoda's feature and now I have added you to my favorites too! (My list is sooooo long!) I especially am interested in the 3 square mirrors on the narrow wall looking from your living room into your kitchen. Are those, by any chance, from Ikea? I would love to know if they are and how you refinished them! My college daughter bought 12 (yes 12) of them to use in her apartment as a 'mirror wall', but cannot decide how to do them. I also bout 3 ot add to a wall similar to yours, so I especially would love to know exactly what you did. So clean and classic a look, but yet with a modern twist! Love your home!

  6. Hi Joanne,
    I tried to send you an e-mail but you have a noreply address.
    Yes, those three mirrors are from Ikea. I bought them black, they were already finished! They also sell them in red or natural for you to refinish them! I simply hung them (taped them) with double side sticky tape.

    If you got yours to refinish, you can cover the mirror and stain them, or spray paint them.

  7. Great holiday photos, love all the architectural details, and the amazing colours.
    The purple house and blue door are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing Cristina

  8. What amazing photos! I love all the details that you have shared. :) Megan

  9. What character, color and architecture! Those terracotta tiled roofs are spectacular!

  10. Great pictures! I love everything Spanish! Liz

  11. My fav architecture dear Christina. I was like in awe to see your thumbnail at VIF, as it looked like Quito. I did a post on Quito's casco-colonial, as it is Unesco-World Patrimony.. last year on a visit to my daughter who lives there. I can see you had a great and memorable trip to your beautiful home land my sweet friend. Thanks for your always lovely and kind comments. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Thank you for sharing your post and the architecture at Potpourri Friday!

  13. Such a beautiful style. I love that second house!

  14. Such a soft and pretty style of architecture!

  15. Wow, your pictures are beautiful. I love to look at pictures detailing architecture.

  16. Beautiful pictures! It's always a treat to see other styles of architecture.


  17. Oh I just love these pictures! The beautiful porches and the terracotta tiles are just what I want for my dream home one day!

  18. Thanks for sharing these lovely images. Don't you love their simple straight forward styling! I adore the terracotta roofs!
    Bogota looks so clean!
    I'm sure you are still dreaming of your time there!

  19. Love all the pics! Looks like an amazing place. Your newest follower! Cheers.

  20. lucky you to be able to visit this beautiful rich in culture, tradition and it's showing in your pictures where they keep it as much as they can...wouldn't be nice if we can peak at what it is inside? that will be fascinating too, i bet...


  21. Thanks for the tour, the town looks so charming and pretty.
    I'm following you back.

  22. Wow, your photos are beautiful, what a wonderful city!
    xx Vicky

  23. really lovely pics and beautiful buildings ^^

    Please feel free to join my giveaway : $80 MsDressy Gift Voucher

  24. thanks for visiting my blog. Amazing photos, it must have been an incredible holiday

  25. Hi Christina,
    Lovely photos of bogota.........very interesting and fun architecture for sure.

    Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments on my salad remake! lol
    I love avocado too....and it really is so good for us..........

    Have a great day hon, and again thanks for your visit.
    Blessings, Nellie

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