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DIY - Envelope pillows with Thumbprint Design

How to thumbprint designs on pillows

Interested in creating your own pillowcases?

It is good that you're here!

Envelope pillows are the easiest pillow covers you can make. A fabric rectangle is folded to create an "envelope." Four simple straight lines to sew, and your cover is done! 
There are no zippers or Velcro, and the envelope holds the pillow well.

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The special treatment for the pillows we are tackling today includes thumbprints, where your kids can help!

The materials you'll need:

           *Pre-wash and iron the fabric


The following dimensions were used for a 17" x 17" pillow insert.

How to make an envelope pillow
Once the fabric is cut to size (18"x 40"), hem the left and right edges. Fold in ½"  twice, as seen in the picture below. Iron it flat and hem. Do the same on the other side.
How to make envelope pillows

Lay your fabric down, fold the left side, and iron.
envelope pillow out of dropcloth for Summer

Do the same on the other side. These folded lines are an excellent visual point when you center your design on the front face of the pillow.
envelope pillow - ironing and mesuring

Before sewing across the top and bottom of the cover, let's work on the design—the fun part!

Print the starfish and seahorse silhouettes. 

For these 17 x 17 pillows, they were printed at 120%.
starfish and seahorse silhouettes free graphic

Place each design on top of a big piece of Contact paper and tape it in place.
free graphics for starfish and seahorse

Using the utility knife, cut through all three layers following the design.
contact paper silhouettes

Once the design is all cutout, you can peel off the big piece of Contact paper and center it between the folded lines of your pillow cover. 

Press the Contact paper firmly around the design; you won't want paint seeping through.
pillow designs with contact paper

Now is the time to call all those little artists in the making and assign each one a set color of fabric paint.
diy thumbprint designs on pillows

The thumb printing can begin!
starfish and seahorse designs on pillows

Until the designs are all complete.
designs on pillows for Summer

Let it dry according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. 

After the paint dries, you can sew across the top and bottom, making sure the designs are on the inside.
how to make an envelope pillow
You can insert your pillow form, and this is how it will look.
Envelope Pillows with Starfish and Seahorse designs

Place it on your favorite chair and enjoy it!
envelope pillow on Adirondack chair by the lake

Our pillows are a present for a special person.
envelope pillow with thumbprint design on orange Adirondack chair by the lake

Of course, the artists had to sign or thumbprint them. 

Well, we did both.
how to make an envelope pillow with Summer designs

Are you ready to give thumb printing a try?  

Kids love it!
thumbprint designs on pillows and little card

diy - summer pillows with thumbprint designs

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I love the pillows but I would have thought you used pencil top to do the dots, I was rather surprised.
    I am going to have to try this, thanks for sharing.

  2. How do I sign up for your newsltrs?

  3. Thanks Diane! Nope, those were mine and my kids thumbprints :) It's an easy project for the kids to give you a helping hand!
    As for the newsletter, you can scroll to the top of the page where the social buttons are located, the one to the farthest right is the one you choose to subscribe.

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!! What a cool project idea.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful!! What a cool project idea.

  6. Such a cool project for kids of almost any age and it looks wonderful!

  7. Sooo beautiful. You are so talented. I want to make one myself too.

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