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Father's Day Art

Handmade Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day is around the corner. Let's make something special for him. Kids' hands are needed!

I used two frames from my closest thrift store for this project.

My Spring Mantel first used them as plain and simple opened frames.

This time, I wanted to use these little figures. 

You might be wondering... What are these?

Well, they are Tile Spacers.  

They caught my attention while visiting the hardware store a couple of weeks ago. I loved their shape, so I bought some packages to put them to good use, but in a different way than intended. ;)

The idea was to fill the inside of the entire frame with texture, aka these littles.

The dark cardboard color wasn't the best match for the new treatment, so I replaced it with a white poster I had on hand.

I began playing with the spacers to see how to set them up.

I set the first row of spacers (vertically and horizontally), using hot glue to put them in place, two by two.

Line by line.  

It was like doing a puzzle; I like puzzles. I just had to glue them in place.

Half way...

Two by two...

Closing in the space.

Until it was done! I love the way it looks! So much texture!

But it was supposed to be for Father's Day, so I glued the other frame on top.

The artists' hands. 

And Voila!

Handmade Father's Day gift ideas

Dad's recognition's done!

Father's Day gift idea from kids

The idea for the hands-down came from this site! They have many more fabulous Father's Day ideas!

Father's day gift

And I really love the ending masterpiece. 

Now, if you have a pending tiling project, that would serve as a good reminder, too :)

Happy Father's Day!



  1. This is so cute and creative! See you at My Dream Canvas :) Have a great day! Anu

  2. Wow ! This is great... !! Very different and creative !!

  3. That is clever and you worked hard to make it just adorable!
    I would love if you came by my party to link this up - the party is happening now!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Darling & creative!
    OK: I would like to invite you to participate in our linky party:
    Would love to share this and see more of your work over time.

  5. Such a creative idea. I love how you used the spacers. I'm sure your husband will cherish this gift for years.

  6. Uh oh. I hope your husband doesn't read your blog ...

    Okay, that is the most ingenious use of tile spacers ever ... you wow me once again with your creativity and ingenuity!



  7. Fantastic. I love all the drama you added to that simple frame. Great Father's Day piece.

  8. Very creative!!! I love it and what a surprise it must have been. Saw you at Coastal Charm


  9. Awesome project! I would never have thought of that but now I can't think of anything else.

  10. When I looked at this the first time, I thought it was lace! What a lovely idea--I bet your father really liked it.

  11. So cute! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  12. Oh what a great idea! Have you ever tried to spray paint them?? I am going to give it a try. Thank you for a wonderful blog and thanks to Pretty Handy Girl for letting us know about you! Lisa

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