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Slipcovered Ottoman

drop cloth material slipcover for ottoman

When you get kinda stuck with that bold "zebra" pattern on your ottoman, the best solution is to cover it with a slipcover.

I did't want anything bold, so for my slipcover I went with the drop cloth trend. I think it's the perfect material for summer. Besides, the price cannot be topped. Only $7 for all of this:

My plan was to keep it simple. The top and a pleated skirt like this:

I made a couple of slipcovers before, like this one that I took out of storage to see how it looked but, it's most appropriate for fall. The new one I wanted to make had to have an easier, casual feel.

I cut the top part but then I remember that I had to pre-wash it.  Because yes, it shrank. and now the width of the material was not enough to cover the top part the way I wanted. :(

I moved to plan B! Creating a top top and attaching a long band around it, like the one before but without the cord piping.
After ironing the whole thing I cut a piece to cover the top (fig. 1).
To round those corners I folded the piece twice in the middle, to get the 4 corners together (fig. 2).
Traced the rounded corners (fig. 3), and cut them(fig. 4).

I cut the remaining of the drop cloth to create the long band and the skirt which was already hemmed (fig. 5).
For the long band I attached the pieces in a diagonal way, it looks better than when you do it straight (fig. 6).
For the pleated skirt I began pinning the pleads, trying to stretch them the most I could, because I didn't have that much fabric left! (fig. 7).
After using all the fabric I had to work with, I placed it around the ottoman but it was not enough. (fig. 8).

Now I had to move to Plan C.   Making pleads all around would've been easier but I needed more fabric.  My new design (fig. 9), involved more cuts and more sewing but less fabric. That's why I went for it.

I began connecting the pieces of fabric for the "long band" (the piece between the top and the skirt)(fig. 10).
Then I began hemming (fig. 11) both sides of each of the 16 panels I needed for the skirt! (fig. 12).

Here you can see how I ended up with 16!!  You can make it only with two long side pleads, less work. That would reduce the total of panels to only 12.  I guess I like to give myself extra work.

For the front of the skirt, each panel needs to be folded and ironed to size.

Then, all the 8 front skirt panels were attached to the "long band" (fig. 13), side by side (fig. 14), making sure they were in the right order.
After that, I attached the pieces that go on the back of the front pleads and corners (fig.15).
Before attaching the last piece, measure the "long band" to make it fit perfectly around the pleads and close it in a diagonal way again (fig.16).

Finally, the top is attached to the bottom part.  This is how it looked, for my liking it was too simple.  So I decided to give it more detail with a line of Jute webbing around the top part.

And... I liked how it turned out!

I really like how the webbing makes it pop!

drop cloth material slipcover for ottoman

It now tides better with the other elements in the room.

I also changed the tray. Remember the Linotype drawer I found at the flea market?  Well, this is not the place I first thought of using this drawer, but for now is keeping my son's collection of Bay Blades organized.

My first  hydrangea bouquet of the year makes me smile every time I get in this room!

I cannot leave you without my before and after, I guess this time it should read Winter / Summer instead.

For a total of around $10 in materials the effort is worthwhile. :)

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  1. I adore it! I am going to pin it so I can go back and see the directions again. I need to do this to my ottoman cause the dogs keep laying all over it!
    XO Cindy

  2. Very nicely done. I agree the webbing just gave it a little more personality. Great tute too... thanks for sharing.

    Your room looks lovely.


  3. Wow! you're really handy. I need to do this with an old ottoman I found.


  4. Wow, Cristina! The ottoman looks amazing :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  5. You are so talented, Cristina! That slipcover is so beautiful!!! Megan

  6. You are so creative! This is an awesome project! It looks so professional! Just beautiful!

  7. The slipcovered ottoman looks great. I love how much more comfortable and casual it looks. Great tutorial too. I linked over from At The Picket Fence.

  8. GREAT job- I love it. Now..tell the truth...How many bad words did you say when you realized that the top had shrunk in the wash? I have had that happen a time or two!

    It is perfect for summer and much more casual looking. You certainly did bring the outdoors summery feeling inside- xo Diana

  9. I've got 2 ottomans that i have to re-work and i'm scared to death that i'm going to mess something up - but i love this - and i think it's giving me the push i need to move forward and just get it done!

  10. I am so jealous of your sewing skills. Your ottoman is gorgeous. I am your newest linky follower.

  11. Lovely! I love the webbing. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Pinning this. I am your newest follower I hope you can visit me sometime too. I would also love for you to link this up at my weekend Linky party called Rustic Restorations Weekend. I hope to see you there. :)

  12. This turned out great!! Love the addition of the webbing, it really looks so summery!! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  13. Good ol plan C ! It looks great, love the webbing trim.

  14. Wow!Your sewing skill amazes me! You have done such a marvelous job and I love the addition of the goes perfectly with the dropcloth. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tutorial with us.Beautiful summer inspiration. Have a great week!~Poppy

  15. I love dropcloth for slipcovers!!! I'm going to do it eventually (couch) I've done chairs and such, and I just can't get enough of it.
    your ottoman is great, and you did a really fabulous tute.

  16. I just love the slipcover! The banding really adds something special and drop cloths are a personal favorite of mine. Pinning this now!

  17. Cristina, You've definitely created a summery feel in your room. The ottoman is fabulous. I admire anyone who makes slipcovers.
    Your room is so inviting!
    Mary Alice

  18. I'm a big fan of webbing. Love your ottoman.

  19. This looks amazing!! I have an ottoman that I want to slipcover - can you come over and sew one up for me too? Sewing intimidates me so much, and I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine as a result. ;-)

  20. Love the slipcover for the ottoman, it totally changes the room. I also love the tray on top. Beautifully done and great tutorial. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. I really need to do this! Thank you so much for the detailed instructions and labels.

  22. I'm visiting from Metamorphosis Monday. I love your ottoman cover. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I need to cover a couple that our dogs have claimed as their own. LOL! I'm your newest follower.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  23. You are one talented lady! Wow! I need to cover a little love seat with weird angles and curves. If I send you a picture could you tell me if you think it might be something I could tackle using drop clothes for material?

    Since the loveseat belongs to my dogs (they perch on it in front of the window) I think drop cloth material would be perfect.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  24. Wow so impressed, I just posted about my ottoman but nothing this cool, you are so talented I'm in awe!

  25. Visiting from the Shabby Creek Cottage. I love your ottoman makeover, and the room after, what a fresh new look. Very impressive!

    Lee ☺

    Your newest follower

  26. It looks wonderful Cristina. Drop Cloth is so versatile. It looks great with the webbing. Thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial which is wonderful. You're quite the DIYer. Love all your ottoman looks. The linotype tray is perfect for your son's little pieces.

    Thank you again for the globe. I'm lovin' it!

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  27. Love this...Featuring you tomorrow!?!? XO, Aimee

  28. Just wanted you to know I featured your ottoman on my blog today!

  29. I love that!! Need to do this to mine! Soooo pretty!
    Came over from the Uncommon Desings Party!

  30. I love your tutorial and slip cover. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

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