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Easter Tablescape

Easter tablescape

In order to prepare my dining room for Easter I really wanted to change the look of that black chandelier, because it didn't say Spring at ALL!

I took one of the most important materials for any DIY'er: Spray Paint and gave it a new look, adding some sparkles closed the deal. You can read about the chandelier makeover right HERE.   

By the way, the "crystals" stayed put for a whole week, then I noticed two of them on the table! That was exactly seven days.  On day nine, two more, and that's it. It's now day No.11 and the remaining ones are holding strong.  So my conclusion for this way of "holding the beads technique" is that is good for just one week.

I wanted the table to have most of those soft spring colors: blue, green, yellow, and pink, making an emphasis on the blues and greens.

Now, changing the course a little bit, I like my dining room table, the finish is OK it has some scratches which is good because I don't bother if the kids make one more, but its so dark I had to have a tablecloth to give it a less formal feel. The only problem was, I didn't have a tablecloth or at least a decent one. The last one I had, since I didn't use it that much, got converted into a bed skirt, but well, that's a different post.

I bought this fabric (about $2/yard on sale), that is soooo light weighted and attached a piece of lace at the ends  and Voila! my new tablecloth was created.

I asked my little helper to build at least two baskets but he changed his mind after completing the first one and began instead building his own master piece, something that to me look like a ship, he said it wasn't. :)
Matthew Garay building an Easter basket

I began to put things together but surely whatever I put here couldn't match that view! That flowering tree looked like little bits of clouds scattered in between the tree branches, awesome! And those dark chairs were somehow breaking the spell!  I traded them for the white chairs in the kitchen table and two blue ones I painted long time ago that were from the previous set also in the kitchen.

flowered tree

Green glass plates on white china with green and yellow designs filled the place setting with color.
china set

At first I wanted the tablecloth to be all crumpled, I liked how it looked from the top, I liked how it looked from the ends of the table, but when I looked at it from the sides it was a big mess :/

So, I changed my mind and just straightened it and ooohhh boy, it looked much better.

Some boxes full of goodies for the kids (Eight for a dollar).

A little nest full of chocolates gives company to the lonely basket filled with eggs resting on brown paper scraps.

Taking center stage is the Easter Egg Tree in a Jelly Bean base.  You can check how to do it HERE.
white and soft colors

My daughter Sam's homemade Easter cupcakes.
cupcakes for easter

Some more chocolates wouldn't hurt!

And two small bouquets of daisies and baby breath bring that magnificent view from outside, inside.

Everything is ready for a nice Easter Brunch with my family.
Jellybeans, daisies, cupcakes, popsicle stick basket, nests, green plates

I hope you have a Wonderful Easter!

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  1. You sure are ready! What a beautiful Easter table! Love your egg tree and jelly bean "pot".

  2. Wonderful table! I don't know if people realize how much work goes into setting up a table! The chandy, the tablecloth, the chairs, the baskets...I love that you got everyone involved. Happy Easter!
    XO Cindy

  3. Cristina- Your whole table looks just lovely. Nice job with the lightweight fabric-perfect gauzy Spring look. I love your egg tree and the little box your son made. Looks like a perfect tablescape to me. I, too, like the "feel" of the slightly crumpled up cloth on top of a table but don't like the "look" of it so much from a distance. Hope you are having a great week-xo Dina

  4. Everything looks so pretty and spring like. You did a lovely job!

  5. This is gorgeous, and looks like a magazine shoot!! love the chandy and that wonderful tablecloth along with all the other goodies!! thanks for linking up with VIF!

  6. Very pretty table, and I love the chandelier!

    First time visiting your blog - I've just found you through The Charm of Home.

  7. Very pretty.. I love how you used your helpers!

  8. Hi, Christina! This is my first visit to your blog. I'm coming over from Tablescape Thursday. I am super, super, super impressed that you actually went to the great lengths of painting the chandelier to give it a more Spring-like look!!! I have done a lot in the name of decorating before, but never have I gone so far as to take the chandelier out of the ceiling, spray paint it, and put it back! THAT is dedication to the cause!!! :-) The end result is beautiful! It really lightens up the room! Evertyhing from the dishes to the candies to the cupcakes looks fantastic! I actually liked the look of the table linen all scrunched up, too! I hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful, blissful, blessed Easter!

  9. Hi Christina, thanks for visiting me & leaving your sweet comment!
    I am really impressed with your table, love the talk through & how you changed a few things to suit your spring theme better. I felt like I was there with you while you played & put it together.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family
    x Kerry

  10. Gorgeous spring table. I love your Easter decor with those beautiful colours and cute bunnies! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a nice day.

  11. I love your easterspace, it's very special! ;)
    hugs, vir

  12. Cristina, your Easter tablescape looks lovely, and I love the crispness of white and green together.The sugared Easter cut outs for your daughters cupcakes are so pretty, and the popstick basketholding your eggs is a great idea.Some wonderful ideas.I love pastal colours.! Have a wonderful Easter!Buona Pasqua Yvette

  13. Beautiful table! I love your dishes and your chandelier is gorgeous!

  14. Hi Cristina! Here I thought I was on the wrong blog when I saw your photo because I think you might have changed your hair. Pretty both ways!!

    Your Easter table is gorgeous and I love your painted chandelier. What a smart momma to get your son involved with creating himself.

    ♥Lee Ann

  15. You've used one of my favorite shades of blue....I love the chandelier! You can do Spring for months to come as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous. I am really excited to follow along.


  17. Just found your blog at Thrifty Decor Chick! You have a beautiful home and such great talent in decorating and ideas!
    I'm now following on GFC and Linky Followers!


  18. Stunning tablescape, just love it! Thanks for linking up my friend!

  19. What an amazing Easter table! What fun for the kids (and kids at heart)!! Hope you have an amazing Easter with your family.

  20. Beautiful! Inspiring. Hey, I've got to get going. My son is coming from Pennsylvania...
    Happy Easter to you and your family. Linda

  21. Gorgeous! I have a little boy who would love to make some of those egg crates!

  22. Your table is gorgeous and happy and so much fun too. Your little crate helper is adorable too. HAPPY EASTER Linda!!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous in every respect... looks like a picture in a book or top magazine..... love the blue chandelier and the who composition with the view out the window is utterly divine!

  24. Well, you and your son are definitely crafty and your projects are fabulous. Love your beautiful tablescape and the egg tree is such a lovely addition. The chandy turned out super. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  25. Oh how pretty! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! i will be featuring it tomorrow :)

  27. I just featured your post at Cowgirl Up, come take a look and grab a featured button at Cedar Hill Ranch!! Great job!

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