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Cake Pops for Valentine's Day

My daughter Sam loves to bake,  
and I'm more than happy to be her assistant.  

She took me to the grocery store
to get the supplies to create
the famous Cake Pops.

Given that she's a girly girl
  who loves Hello Kitty,
she decided to create the
cake pops using that design.

Hello Kitty, red and white cake pops, tutorial with video

Guess what?
 She even made a video with her dad's help!

Check it out so you too can give them a try!

The Ingredients

Love them! They are so CUTE and gooooood!!

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  1. So Sweet!!

    I am following you on Linky and GFC!

  2. Those are sooooo cute. I love them and what fun to have a little "cook" in the house! xo Diana

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