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DIY - Affordable Moss Balls

decorative Moss balls on rattan basket - coffee table decor

Don't you love moss balls? 
I like the texture and the deep green color they have. I also love that I can use them year-round, although during Spring is when they shine the most.

A couple years ago I bought a big sheet of moss to make my very own moss balls and guess what? 
That sheet of moss stayed well packed in the garage until a few weeks ago when I went to look for it.

Well, it was time to put that moss to good use!

In reality, what stopped me from not making the balls sooner was the price of the Styrofoam balls I needed to buy. Have you checked those prices? Only one mid-size ball can run for about five bucks. 😵
I know, crazy!

Well, I didn't pay five bucks for each ball, in fact, I already had a good amount of balls that worked perfectly for this project and maybe you might have them too. The balls I used were regular plastic balls my kids used to play with when they were little. Yep. I still had a few of them stored in a box in the garage. :)

Here you can check the following video or continue reading below for complete directions on how to create these pretty moss balls:

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  • Plastic balls in different sizes (Stay away from expensive Styrofoam balls! :)
  • Moss mat
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
Don't want to DIY? You can buy moss balls right here.


Plastic and pickleball balls were the only ones I found. I kept on looking for other bigger sizes, but nope. I don't think a basketball would've been good for this project. ;)
moss mat, plastic balls and Ryobi hot glue gun for making decorative moss balls
Now, let me warn you: This is a messy project. Working with a moss mat means you're going to end up with an area full of little pieces of moss.
The Moss Matt is a versatile product made from a high-quality mesh backing that is durable and easy to cut into any shape.
I bought this 48" sheet at T.J Maxx for about $13.  It still looked good after two or three years of being stored there in the garage.
Instant Green Moss Matt
1. Determine the size of the moss mat to be cut by rolling it around the ball you're going to cover. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be exact. In fact, this is a very forgiving project, you can even cover the balls with small pieces of the moss mat glued onto the ball one piece at a time.
 2. Use the scissors to snip a line on each corner and on the center of the mat and don't go all the way thru.
 3. Add glue to one of those flaps and secure it to the ball. Apply glue on the adjacent flap and again, wrap it around the ball, tightening it.
 4. Keep on working around the ball. Trimming the mat so it conforms to the ball's shape and without overlapping it. Don't worry about little gaps, they can be covered later.
 Trim and glue.
 And trim and glue some more until the ball is all covered.
 5. Fill those little gaps with small pieces of the moss mat. Also, if you notice gap lines, add glue all along that line and then cover the glue line with little loose pieces of moss.
hot gluing moss mat on balls
I covered these seven balls and still have more than half the moss mat remaining. I'm saving it for when I find those bigger balls. ;)
moss ball on rattan basket
There was no waste of moss while covering these balls. Every single piece of the moss mat is usable.

I love the green and white contrast on the shelves!
diy moss balls on vases - shelf decor

moss balls a top white vases on a shelf

This is a very affordable project that you can use all-around your home.

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