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A Recap Of My Holiday Break

Hope guys had a great holiday break spent with family and friends! It's been a while since my last post. As I mentioned before, my nieces and nephew came over from Colombia to visit us for their first American winter. It was wonderful having them over and spending quality time together as a family.

We had three weeks full of activities and fun memories that ended this past weekend when they returned back home, but let me show you a little bit of all we did.

One of the first activities we did as a family was to visit Washington D.C.

We decided to make the trip aboard the train to have a memorable experience. The kids had to get up early that morning and the lack of sleep hit them hard. :D

Time runs fast when you're in DC, so much to see and do! The obligatory pics in front of the monuments were done while we walked from building to building.

Our first stop was my daughter's favorite... The Library of Congress, my oldest niece who is a bookworm was delighted too.

I was also excited about entering too because it always brings a smile to my face setting foot in this gorgeous building.

My daughter was the guide, since she has spent so much time here, she's the one who knows where to go when you're there, even where to go and get the library card. I simply followed them and named myself the photographer who kept taking pictures of the ceilings and the abundant architectural features in this place.

At home, we did crafts, played video games, did 1000-piece puzzles, got some painting, and of course, built gingerbread houses.

 Oh, cookie making was another fun and messy activity my daughter led.

I'm so grateful that my SIL invited us all a few times for dinner. You probably know cooking is not my forte and having to feed so many people with such different tastes was quite frankly nerve-racking!

We went to our town's winter lights spectacular, to the movies...

And believe it or not, we went shopping almost every day!! The little ones didn't want to get out of Target, while the older ones preferred the outlets. 🙄

Hey it's winter, they wanted to do winter activities, so off we went to the ice rink. The little ones were flying, the older guys.. not so much.

Above all, they wanted to see some snow and so we waited and kept checking the weather reports for any signs of snow, but sadly not even a speck of snow fell during their stay.  😔

So, we took them to the snow...  Ha, that's it... Snow tubing! And they sure had a blast.

Well, here you can see me with the pack, this is the room we spent most of our time, besides the kitchen.

The family room is also the space where I worked so hard before they arrived. The built-ins were almost done and the entire space got its new look. I wish I could tell you it looked this good all the time.

Far from that!

It was one of the messiest rooms we had. The pillows were usually on the floor, lots of stuff was piled on the coffee table and my beloved built-ins were an unsightly display of sweets, goodies, games, tools, and whatever we couldn't accommodate elsewhere.

I know, I needed those doors! They were painted, but with the large bucket list of holiday activities we had to complete, I didn't have the time nor the energy to work on that!

During my outings, I kept on looking for the perfect doorknobs, and I found some I liked at Target, but they didn't have enough of them. When I tried to order them online, they were sold out!

I kept on looking online for those perfect doorknobs forever until I finally found the ones that I love in the most unexpected place. But hey, that is something I want to share with you in my next post.

UPDATE: Check the doorknobs and the latest update about the built-in right HERE.

Stay tuned!

I know it's a bit late but, I really want to wish you a Happy New Year! Let's have a great 2019!

Have you guys had any new years resolutions that you are gonna stick through? If so let me know below. I haven't even had time to think about that. All I did after the kids departed were like 20 loads of laundry! : DD

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. What fun! No doubt amazing memories were made!

    1. Yes indeed, Guerrina! And I don't know how families with many kids managed to survive. It's lots of fun and commotion at the same time! :D

      Wishing you the best this 2019!

  2. Wow I'm amazed at all you did with the kids. You must be exhausted. What area do you live in? I'm not a stalker, but from your trip to DC you must live somewhat near me but we don't have any snow tubing open due to the weather being too good. Where did you find any open? Also I'm surprised the buildings in DC in were open. sounds like the government shut down didn't rain on your parade. Glad you guys had so much fun!

    1. We did a lot! And I didn't fret much about having an organized home or having a regular schedule. The days were long! :D We are in Germantown MoCo. For the snow tubing we went to Whitetail Resort. It's located in PA close to the MD border, Hagerstown is 20 min away. And of course, we haven't had much snow lately, that was man made snow. ;)
      The trip to DC was our first outing, I guess that was a good move, the shut down came towards the end or their stay. All in all everything went so smoothly... Lots of happy memories. :)

  3. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful break! Happy New Year Cristina!

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