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Fall - Halloween Porches

Hey there!

Raise your hand if you're done decorating your porch for Halloween. Ha, you ladies are good!
Around these parts, not so much. Better yet. Not at all!

I like to see homes decorated for Halloween with all the scary or cutesy stuff, I think is lots of fun seeing all those displays with such striking colors. The thing is, the few times I tried to decorate the front of my home for Halloween, somehow it looked unfinished and I gave up decorating it long time ago. 
The only decor I've been
using for years are a wreath on the door, a big pumpkin and a set of mums on each side. I know... Boring compared to the ones I want to show you today.

These front porches are here in my neighborhood and they really are making me up my game.

Check them out, maybe you can also get some inspo to transform your front porch this weekend!

Look at this cute Frankenstein door decor! And it really is an easy DIY project with paper plates and craft paper.  Some carved pumpkins and milk jug ghosts on the steps complete the scene.

I'm gonna get a pair of scarecrows to add a bit of whimsy to my decor. My porch is similar to this one below. Is that a porch? I don't think so. 🤔

I love the contrasting colors on the planters and the pumpkins. So simple, so classic!

Mums, pumpkins... Orange and purple combo... I love it! But, what I love the most is how these homeowners added netting around the porch with extra door and all. Ha, no way to go for those bats!

BOO! That witch is awesome! 💜

Oh, this Halloween decor makes me smile every time I walk by this house. They have lots of little figures here on the porch and on the front yard and tree. And I guess the kids keep on changing it every. single. day. :D  One day the bats are hanging from the tree, the other day they're on the porch or lanterns! I wish my kids were like that!

A skull on the door it's all that's needed! Though, i know they're not done with their decor.

The door cover, the lights, the trick or treat sign. It fits my bill.

I've seen lots of skeletons that are usually placed nicely on a chair, but this one... My oh my, she's very stylish and happy to greet everyone! :)

Yard signs... This Candy Stealer made me smile.

And you better stop or that little creature is gonna get  you!

This jack'o witch is gonna have a hard time scaring people. I love her gown!

My friend Gail has done it again! Her home is the spookiest one.

Front yard, steps, porch, windows... They're all a freaky scary scene!

Want to get some candy? Enter if you dare!

It's fun to see all the creepy details she always adds.

And on Halloween night they also add the creepy sounds!

I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. These are amazing. I miss Halloween up north. It was so much fun to see the neighbors decorate their homes.

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