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My Best Way to Remove Nails And Staples From Wood

Husky end nippers on subfloor

Hey there!

Last week while removing the many staples that were holding the tar paper below the vinyl floor, I promised myself to do a post about the wonderful tool that I'm always using for this kind of job...
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End Nipper Pliers is the tool I'm always reaching out to when a nail goes the wrong way, or when a nail is stuck on a wall or a wooden project I'm working on.

This time, I used it to remove all those staples and it worked wonders. Now, when pulling out staples, there needs to be a small amount of the staple already out, so the pliers can grab onto that part and pull the rest out.

I remember buying this tool because yeah, I was tired of nails going the wrong way and not being able to cut them nicely or remove them. My first instinct on using this tool was for cutting off the nails.
So, nails that went wrong I cut them really close to the wood. BUT there was a little piece of the nail that still stuck out. It wasn't a very clean cut. :/

Husky end nippers on subfloor

I kept on using it the same way... Just for cutting the nails, for a very long time. Until one day, my BIL showed me how to use this tool to pull out the entire nail!

It was one of those moments when you realize... Oh, how stupid I was!
Husky end nipper pliers

You grab the nail and using the rounded side of the pliers as a leverage you pull the nail out.
Husky end nipper pliers

Same concept when using staples that are a little bit out.

Grab the staple and rock the pliers to pull it out. There's no damage to the wood because of the rounded side of the the pliers.

Seeing it in action is even better! This is a small video while removing those staples in the bathroom floor:

For about ten dollars, I think this is a great tool to have in your shop!

You can get a similar Tekton - end nipper pliers at Amazon right HERE.
Or a similar Husky from Home Depot right HERE.

Husky End nipper a little tool that works great at removing nails

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Son el mejor invento!! A mi me iluminó mi marido cuando un día me vió maldiciendo una silla que estaba destapizando, y desde entonces siempre las tengo a mano. Aunque las mías se podrían considerar vintage porque eran de mi suegro ;)

    1. haha SI, yo me la pasaba en esas. Con los pelos de punta tratando de sacar esas puntillas! :D Las tuyas son aun mejor, vintage! ;) Thanks for stopping by, Pili!

  2. Thank you soooooo much! I was destroying my hardwood floor trying to take the tacks off. This sould be on top of the seradches with google!!!!!

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