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Dream Canvas Wall Art

wall art with yarn and a canvas in a teen boy room

Early this week  I was cleaning, organizing and decorating my son's bedroom for the warmer months ahead.

Blue has been the color I've been loving these past months, adding some touches of blue to his room seemed like the perfect way to go.  I had a good stash of pillowcases and linens, but what I didn't have was a main picture to use above his bed.
how to create an inexpensive piece of art for your home

So, it was time to DIY' it!

I created this super easy wall art in less than
five minutes and with materials I already had:
- A canvas (I have a frame that I keep on using with different fabrics, this time I covered it with painters cloth), a hot glue gun and yarn.
|  Canvas  | Hot Glue Gun  |  Yarn  | 

The yarn was wrapped around the lower part of the canvas, securing it at the beginning and end with a dot of hot glue.

Then, on the top part of the canvas, using a pencil, the word DREAM was written very lightly.
Each letter was traced with hot glue and immediately a piece of yarn was placed over the glue to form the letter.

This was an easy word, most of the letters only needed one piece of yarn to cover them. Letters E and A used two pieces.
how to

And well, that's all!

I wanted to keep it simple.

summer wall art

This piece, the yarn on the lower part, is my representation of the water, the sea.
Dream, yes, it's a dreamy space. :)

However, when my daughter saw my masterpiece, she asked me why I didn't add the little knots to the barbed wire. 😠 Well, she said it looked kinda industrial and that made me feel a bit better. 😌

The boy, the owner of this room... He probably hasn't noticed all the changes I made in there.  I guess most boys are like that, aren't they.

More about this room next Tuesday when I'll be joining a group of friends led by Tammy from Pink Peppermint Design during our Beautiful Bedrooms Blog Tour.

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  1. Beautiful, Cristina. Always love your wall art. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. What a fun idea! I’m going to show this to my granddaughter and see about making one for her room. Also, I’m loving all the blues too😊

  3. How beautiful! You are just SO creative!
    Enjoy your week and I look forward to the tour!


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