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DIY - Drill Storage Shelf

How to store your drills -pegboard mounted shelf

Cleaning and organizing the garage last week made me go and build this small shelf to store all those drills/ drivers that were wandering around the house.

I love that it didn't cost a penny.  If you're a wood worker, you can get the four pieces you need for this project, from the scrap pile as I did.

I picked the first board I thought might fit all those drills, no measuring, no cutting at all. The point is, you can adjust those measurements to your own needs or material. That's the beauty about DIY'ing.

However, I'm giving you the measurements of the drill storage shelf I made, so you can relate, or maybe you want to build the same:

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And this is how it all went for me:

Once I found the piece of wood for the shelf, I placed the drills on it, trying to figure out how much space to leave in between them.

Then, yeah, I took some measurements.

The drills were spaced every five inches. Now I believe, I could've fit one more, but oh well... Cleaning, organizing and building at the same time makes you get into this kind of dilemma. ;)

The other measurement across the board, determines how deep into the shelf the drills should sit.

set of hole saws for perfect holes
DIABLO General Purpose Bi-metal Hole Saw Set
This hole saw set came in handy to start the cut-outs, but it's not a necessity, you can only use a jigsaw.

I used the 2" hole saw cup, centering the bit on each crossed line and aligning the edge of the saw cup against the line across.

Using a ruler, lines were drawn (picture below), to determine the area to be cut off.
Ryobi Cordless Jigsaw
The jig saw was the perfect tool for this job.

Cut to size the other three pieces of wood according to the measurements above.
After sanding all those sharp edges, it's time to put the entire shelf together.

I used my pneumatic nailer for an easy assembling. But then, I reinforce it with screws.

The final step was mounting it to the pegboard, making sure to drill the screws to the lower support board behind the pegboard.

Dewalt, Ryobi, Milwaukee and Ridgid drills, impact drivers
|   Ryobi  Impact Driver  |  Ridgid Impact Wrench |  Ryobi   |  DeWalt Drill Driver  |  Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver |

How to build an easy shelf to store drills - mounted to the pegboard

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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