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DIY - Blue Geometric Cork Board

pin board with geometric blue design

I'm super happy to share this adorable project with you today, a geometric cork board painted by my daughter. 

But first, let me brag a bit about my girl. 😉  My daughter is a young adult girl that's right now attending college here in the DC area. I don't know if it was the proximity to all the branches of the government in the area, or perhaps, all those -bring your child to work- trips, that made her follow that path and work towards a degree in public policy. Her father works in the US Capitol.

Well, while attending college, she's also collecting very relevant work experience for important government officials. Last year she completed an internship for one of our US senators and this year she's doing another internship here in the Maryland State Assembly. -Proud parents here. 😊

And even though school and work take a big chunk of her time, she still manages to DIY presents for her coworkers, this geometric cork board is her latest.

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The materials she used: 

1. Paint the frame (Optional)

Cover the entire cork board, except the frame. Spray paint the frame in your color of choice.
Let it dry and remove the cover/tape.

2. Make the design

Use the painter's tape to create your favorite geometric design.

3. Paint it

Decide what colors you want to use, sticking to colors on the same hue will give your final project a more cohesive look.

Give each geometric figure two coats of paint, letting the paint dry in between coats.

The acrylic paints used in this project were Craft-Smart - Ocean Breeze, Turquoise, Blue Jean, Robin Egg Blue, and White.

You're done!

Her coworker loved the present. 💙

And this girl is now thinking of making another one for herself!! :)

Blue geometric design on cork board

Hmmm,  I might need one too! :D

Enjoy your weekend!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. So simple yet so pretty! I thought the lines were gold paint but now I see it’s the cork! Love it!

  2. She sounds like an amazing young woman! You must be so proud of her! I'll have to catch up with you about DC because my daughter is going to Catholic in the fall!

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