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Getting Wrinkles Out of Linens

bed sheets smooth out with Conair steamer

I have a love - hate relationship with ironing. As a matter of fact, I don't hate ironing, or at least I don't despise this chore like most people do.

Ironing brings happy memories of growing up in Colombia, helping my mom with the chores around the house...

Sweeping the floors, hand washing the pots and dishes, organizing the rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom... Oh my, there were so many things we, the kids had to do!

Well, out of all the chores we had to do, what I liked the most was ironing.

Every Friday, I would sit there with a hot iron in hand and a big pile of my family's church clothes ready to fight every single wrinkle.

It was a way to escape doing all those other annoying chores, make my mother happy and feel proud of all the work I've done.

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Pink Sheet Set  |  Sweater Knit Blanket
I continued ironing my clothes and linens well until I had my own family, my own kids, and then, I had no time, or desire to continue ironing all of those clothes...

That's when ironing turned into a tedious chore. It was such a draining task that I stopped ironing entirely.

So, this was the norm for my bed linens... Yes, full of wrinkles. Until last year when someone recommended me this little machine:

Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

A fabric steamer!

I was like... Where in the world have I been?! I didn't know this existed!

I was setting up my bed for the ruffled pillows post I shared some weeks ago.
And as I was happily getting rid of all those wrinkles I thought of sharing this little secret with you all.

I set the bed with the wrinkled sheets and then, I go all around getting rid of wrinkles.
This little machine creates lots of steam which is the power to smooth out those linens.

You can see it working its magic on this little video I made with my phone:

Don't you love the sight and feel of crisp sheets on your bed!
bed with pom pom throw blanket and blue, pink and ruffled pillows
Navy Fringe Lumbar Pillow  |  Headboard

Well, I still do some ironing, but for the most part I'm loving how easy and practical it is to use this steamer.

bed linens being steamed with Conair steamer

I mainly use it with the linens, most of our clothing come out of the washer ready to go. :)
Have you used a steamer? Which one do you use?

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. These hand steamers are handy and easy to use when you are in a rush. I love these steamers.

  2. I've never used one, but now I'm intrigued! I'm off to Amazon right now!


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