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Tour my Sister's Modern Home in Colombia S.A.

Last Summer I traveled to Colombia, South America to visit my family. It was a month long vacation that me and my son truly enjoyed.

During the first part of our trip we stayed in Bogota at one of my sister's house. Hmmm I haven't tell you, I have six sisters. Yeah, you know, lots of places where to stop.  😀

After two weeks there in Bogota and surrounding areas (we went on small trips to close by towns), we went to the Caribbean and that was also a fabulous trip.

Then, on our return to Bogota, we stayed at my sister Claudia's home. And well, technically she doesn't live in Bogota,  She lives in a small town north of Bogota that nowadays it's like Bogota's suburbs.

It was there, in Cota, where we spent the final weeks of our stay in Colombia.
So, let me show you my sister beautiful modern home!

Far from the noise, traffic and congestion of Bogota, we were more than delighted of going on long walks thru Cota's little streets, such a charming town.

This is main street where we went many times to eat empanadas. Yum. My son loved them!

It was like a mid afternoon treat... strolling down those red-brick streets admiring the colonial architecture on those old little houses turned shops. Loved the flowering terracotta pots on the walls.

Home was only five miles away...
And there, everything is peaceful... Ducks walking to the pond for their afternoon drink...

Birds chirping, little kids playing, a good walk for the dog happening ... And in the far end, the mountains witnessing it all.

Well, here we arrived. And Serafina, the cat, was waiting for us. Can you see her sitting there at one of her favorite spots?

On the left side of the main entrance, there is this little space that works perfectly as an office.

The same brick on the outside of the house makes a little appearance here, on the fireplace.

Cota's weather is always chilly. This real fire was always welcomed!

A little further, you get to the family room and then, passing the staircase you'll find yourself in the dining room.

We set up the table for a family lunch. Well, a big family lunch. There was another table outside, but I forgot to photograph it.

The black dishes are typical Colombian dishes made of natural unglazed clay, they're safe and toxins free. They can be used on gas, electric, or glass stove top, and even microwave and oven. They retain heat for a long time.

This is a very modern kitchen, and this picture was taken another day when we had the time to stage it a little bit.

I love that sliding door. If you create a mess, you just close the kitchen and hey nothing to see! :D

Upstairs, the master room continues with the modern/global decor.

Here, as well as all around the house, big windows let in lots of light.

This is the space on the second level where the girls love to hang out. Watching tv, listening to music or just talking.

Well, besides their rooms. This is Isabela's room.

And the pink room belongs to Maria. Both rooms sport these awesome headboards.

This, the guest room.

We had so much fun every evening when me, my son and these three girls gathered together to play cards, fun games or just to chat.

I love this picture of the girls with their mamma!

Well, it was good to go through all these pictures that brought back so many happy memories.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


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  1. Que buenos comentarios😍🌷❤

    1. hehe Tu casa es divina, pero lo mejor fue pasar todos esos gratos momentos todos juntos! Las niñas, mi Matt, Atenea Y Serafina... Momentos inolvidables, Un besote!! 😘😘

  2. Your sister’s home is gorgeous. I love the clean sleek design.

  3. Her home is very pretty. I love that fireplace! Newer homes in northern Italy have a slider between the kitchen and the rest of the house. I thought it was a neat feature. I have six sisters too! xoxo Su

  4. What a fun tour! So beautiful and restful. Great style.

  5. I loved getting a tour! Her house is so simple and low clutter! Minimalism for real! Wow six sisters! How fun!

  6. Beautiful! I don't have six sisters but there are six kids in our family. Muy bonito amiga!
    I wanted to tell you Santa gave me a Kreg for Christmas and I am building my first project - probably too much for my first - a desk.
    But I want to make those cabinet doors with your tutorial next.

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