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DIY Command Center

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Free plans for mail sorter or command center

wooden mail sorter filled with folders, receipts and stuff

Hi friends,

As I told you in my previous post, I had this weird little corner in my office space that had been neglected for years! However, after adding trim to the door on the right, I decided it was time to give this little corner some function.

And it came in the form of a Command Center! 
small little corner of a room ready to be prettied up.

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There are so many good ideas for decorating corners like this. However, I opted for a command center because I was SO tired of seeing my desk full of it. :D

Yep. My family thinks my desk is where they can get rid of mail, receipts, and everything they need help figuring out where to put. :/

Well, not anymore!  

I built a set of boxes/mail sorters where they can store said items. The great thing is it's a straightforward project to build. It's done with mostly 1 x 8 boards left over from previous projects. So, it was free for me, but if you need to buy the materials, it shouldn't go over $20-$25.

And hey, just in time for back to school! We have two more weeks, and I already have the communication folders in my brand-new command center. ;)

Let me show you how you can make your own!
free plans for mail sorter or command center

The Materials & Tools:

Cut List:

pieces to be cut to build your own command center cubbie

  • 1 x 8 Box fronts - 2 @ 24"
  • 1 x 8 Box sides - 2 @ 3½."
  • 1 x 8 Box center divider - 1 @ 3½" (trim ¾" of its height)
  • 1 x 8 Box tapered sides - 2 @ 2¾" (mitering the end at opposing 18-degree angle)


1). Cut the material.

Cut your material following the above cut list.

Ryobi miter sawe used to cut pieces for command center station

For cutting the tapered sides, mark 2¾" from the end of the 1 x 8 board. Set your miter saw 18-degree angle and make the cut. It should go from the 2¾" marked point to the front of the opposite edge.

Place your front board on the tapered sides and mark the excess. Then, use the miter saw to trim the extra material.

2). Assemble the Boxes

Sanding wood with Diablo SandNet sanding discs and DeWalt sander
SandNet sanding discs by Diablo

Before assembling the boxes, I removed the primer/paint from all the edges to expose the wood and ensure a strong bond when applying the glue. Sanding each side took me a few minutes using my new favorite sanding discs.

Yes, I've been using the Diablo SandNet sanding discs since my trip to the tool review in Atlanta, where I discovered them. Check this video to see them in action!

After sanding those edges, you can assemble the boxes by securing them with glue and 1¼" pin nails.
Makita pin nailer and glue being used to create wooden boxes for organizing papers
Makita 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer

This is the perfect time to fill the holes with wood putty, sand all the pieces, and paint or stain the boxes and backer board.

3). Attach Boxes to the Backer Board

Ryobi drill in action doing pre-drills and driving screw into mail sorter back

Start by attaching the lower "square box."  

Place the box face down. Bring the right side of the backer board on top of the box, aligning both pieces to their lowest sides. 

Drive 1" pin nails from the back of the backer board and into the box sides and bottom.

Do the same to the "tapered box," which goes to the very top of the backer board. You will need smaller nails to secure the board to the bottom part of the tapered sides.

I also drove 6- 1" wood screws, one at every corner and to the middle of the boxes, just to be extra sure.

4). Add Mounting Hardware & Metal Tags Frames

how to build a mail sorter - command center station.
1-Hole D-Rings  |  Milwaukee Driver Bit Set  |  Husky Diamond Tip Screwdriver

Install the 1-Hole D-Rings on the back at  3" from the top edge and onto the tapered box sides.
Find the center lines for installing the metal tag frames and set them at 2" from the top edge of each box.

Free plans of this wooden cubbie to sort mail and stuff in your home

Finally, you can hang it on the wall, and that's it!  

Add labels and fill those boxes with everything you need but without cluttering your space. ;)

Little awkward corner of a room decorated with a command center with storage boxes and big clock

And here it is, this awkward little corner in all its glory. And in case you're wondering, I found that clock at TJ Maxx. ;)

Command center with mail sorter and big square clock on little corner DIY with Diablo SandNet sanding discs

But wait, it's time for a...


I love my Diablo SandNet sanding discs so much that I wish I could give each of you a sample of this wonderful product! Oh well, I can dream. :)

However, I'm so happy to be teaming up with Diablo Tools to give three (3) lucky winners - Two (10 Pack Sets) of 5 Inch SandNet Disc with Application Pad.

Six easy ways to enter the giveaway are down below!

Diablo 80 and 120 grid sanding discs

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Cute project and wow! only $25 to make! That is, if you have well over $1000 in tools, training to use them, fairly extensive knowledge of woodworking and terminology and a shop or garage to work in. If I had all that I could probably figure out a simple project like this by myself. I wish you would put that information at the start instead of posting something that looks cool and useful, letting me go through the instructions trying to figure out what things like "mitering the end at opposing 18-degree angle" and how I'm going to hold those little triangle side pieces in place with glue all over the edges while I turn it over and nail from the back (which you never do explain). Could you at least note the experience level required for your projects and state right up front that they require a shop full of expensive tools?

    1. Hi Valerie, Thanks for stopping by! This is in fact and easy project where the only tools you'll need to complete it are a hand saw and a hammer. However, working with hand tools is labor intensive and that's why is good to have some power tools to make the process easier and faster.
      No miter saw? Just grab a ruler and a pencil and mark the line from the 2¾" mark to the starting point on opposite side of the 1 x 8. Use your hand saw to cut all along that line.
      No need for clamps, those are small boxes that you can align to the very edge of the backer board while driving the nails to secure them.

  2. I know I have told you this in the past, but I really wished I was just as good with the saw as you are!
    You have inspired me to trim my restroom ceiling and make shelves around my son's bed and make a headboard. You have also inspired me to trim my soffits above my cabinets and below my bar in my kitchen. All turned out GREAT! Thank you for your ideas and inspirations- keep them coming. Am sorry I can't send photos on this post.

    1. Aww Cynthia, thank you so much. You just made my day! We're all learning one project at a time. And It's so good to know my projects have inspired you to bring beauty to your home! I would love to see the photos, you can send them to remodelandolacasa at gmail dot com.

  3. Oh how I love your new command center! What a perfect use of space in such a snazzy way. Love your new clock, too! The entire corner came together beautifully! You're just the best! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  4. Look what you did! You turned just a corner into a useful and good looking spot! I so admire your DIY skills and the fact that you aren't afraid to try anything. I've been working really hard at being more organized around here so I can appreciate the need for wall pockets like this.

    Please don't let rude comments get to you. Gah!!

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