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Valentine's Day Mantel with Ombre Tissue Paper Heart

Valentines day mantel with paper tissue heart blue and pink flowers

ombre pink tissue paper heart, blue paper tree, paper flowers

Hi friends,

This is one of the reasons I like to decorate for Valentine's day:  It's a big splash of color that makes these cold, gray days of Winter more bearable.

Well, to tell you the truth, this project was done thanks to the beautiful and surprisingly not so cold day we had yesterday.  Yep, a perfect day to get busy working with these beautiful colors.

cardboard heart cut out for tissue paper heart for valentines

The main project was a tissue paper heart that turned out to be a very inexpensive project.
Cardboard was used as a backer.

tissue paper materials for heart

And of course, tissue paper. I found the small package of ombre tissue paper at Michaels. I had the darker color in my stash. All in all, 13 sheets of tissue were used.

tissue paper squares and flower done with hand.

The paper was cut in 3.5 inch squares, and each square was formed into a little flower just by pinching the back center of each square.

hot gluing flowers to cardboard heart

Each flower is set on a dot of hot glue, it goes fast.  What took me the most time, was separating the little pieces of tissue paper.

pink and blue valentine mantel

Once the heart was completely covered, double sticky tape was used to attached it to my usual pallet board.

fireplace mantel with arrows, garlands and hearts

 Then, I went around the house looking for more stuff to add to it.

Love is ... pillow cover

Oh, and I love my latest find, a Valentine's Day pillow cover.

Milk glass water goblets as paper tissue flower vases

The tissue paper flowers were a last minute decision that worked so well. Each milkglass water goblet was top off with one of those white plastic balls that are full of holes, perfect to set the flowers in said holes. :)
Valentines day mantel with paper tissue heart blue and pink flowers

Finally, the paper garlands done with my Christmas present ---> my Silhouette Cameo, I'm loving it!. Practice's finally paying off. ;)

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  1. You are one industrious and creative girl! I think I have one bit of decor for Valentine's Day. I just don't have the room for all the holidays and such! Love yours though!

    1. Hahha I like that industrious term. Thanks Brenda! I don't have much Valentine decor, I usually use red stuff I've used during Christmas. This time it was different because of the pink paper I already had.

  2. That is the prettiest heart Cristina and you are so right, it is nice to get a pop of color in these long days of winter!

    1. Thanks Karen! Yep, the gray days returned and the mantel is a happy spot to look at.

  3. What an adorable idea! Thank you for sharing this ombre heart tutorila ^^ I love it so much!!
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  4. I love how you did the heart! Your mantel is beautiful for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing it at Monday Social.

  5. Your Valentine's mantel is so fresh and clean looking... with a modern feel. Beautiful!


  6. Oh I just love this! So pretty yet sophisticated!

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