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From Placemat to Pillow Cover

How to turn a placemat into a pillow cover

Fall décor is popping up in every single store and I love it!

Last weekend I found the most pretty placemats with lots of fall accents, but I truly don't use these type of placemants that much. However, while looking at them is when the idea of turning one of those pretty mats into a pillowcase popped.

Let me show you, it's easy!

If you're one my regular readers, you already know about this little feather pillow that you saw in my son's room during the tour of the bedrooms earlier this week.

Look at all those pretty designs:

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Feathers  |  Leaves  |  Floral  |  Plaid |

The thing is that I was looking for that special pillow... I searched the pillow sections of many stores, but couldn't find anything I liked for a low price. The ones I loved were way out of what I usually like to pay for this type of pillows.

So, kind of defeated, I went to look at the beautiful tablescapes my local Target had in store for Thanksgiving, and as soon as I saw that placemat with the cute feathers, I knew it would go perfectly well with the other décor elements in my son's room.

I'm also showing you other placemats I liked from their Fall collection. The plaid one would've been another good choice, but the bedding's already sporting plaid, so, feathers was my choice.

And I love it! It's such good quality placemat, the colors of the feathers are so vibrant, they're painted, but two of them have the central shaft and orange dots beautifully embroidered, giving it lots of texture.

As soon as I got home I began turning it into a pillow case. The first thing you're going to need is a seam ripper to undo those stitches...

And some Velcro. I usually cut the Velcro half lengthwise, since the seams are very small.

And I run some stitches all along the Velcro. I wonder if the sticky Velcro would work in this situation, maybe for those last minute solutions it might be helpful.

The old pillow form was inserted and that's it!
How to turn a placemat into a pillow case
Teen Boy Bedroom  |  Wooden Arrow Wall Art  |  Bed |

how to turn a placemat into a pillowcase

A beautiful pillow cover for under five bucks!

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  1. That came out well. I think I will do some for Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for.

  2. You made it look so easy - with many possibilities - I am definitely trying this!

    1. Thanks Anne! We have to find what work for us, for instance, I'm bad with zippers, that's why I use Velcro. But, you can even skip that and hand stitch the pillow closed.

  3. I loved the Wizarding World. I love making pillows out of other things. That is a darling pillow.

  4. I took your idea and tried it, and it looks great. I did sew the seam, tho.
    Ready to go back for another placemat! I used the same feather placemat.

    1. I'm so glad you tried it out, Linda! I think that feather placemat is the best. I'm also tempted to go and buy another as a gift, as someone pointed out before, ;)

  5. Que bonitos esos cojines ,, combinan perfecto en esa habitación de tu hijo que me tiene encantada

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