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Getting Ready for Fall - DIY Creative Team

dry green hydrangeas, polka dot rustic pumpkin,

It looks like as soon as we pass the first half of the calendar year, the days start to fly!
July came, then August, and here we are, one step away from Fall.

Well, we better enjoy the approaching season before is too late. This installment of the DIY Creative Team is right on target because we're sharing ideas for how to get ready for Fall.

At the end of this post, you can check what my friends Brenda from Cozy Little House, Susan from Love of Home, and Cassie from Cassie Bustamante are doing to welcome Fall.

For me, the beginning of a new season means changing the mood around the house with simple decor touches, and I think a wreath is a good starting point. ;)

yellow orange and red leaves

This is a very simple wreath, a Leaf Wreath that you can put together in about 30 minutes, for under ten bucks.
I got the leaves over at Michaels, but I'm sure you can also find them at the dollar store.

Fall leaves for wreath

They come in the vibrant colors of the season, but I decided to tone them down, making them more appropriate for early Fall decor.

The paint treatment: Elmer's glue crackle painting.

I really wanted some of the color to show thru. - This is how it works:
You give each of the leaves a thick coat of glue. Let it set for a couple of minutes.

white painted fabric leaf on paper towel getting paint dry.
Still wet
Then, apply a coat of acrylic paint over the wet glue. I used two tones, white and parchment (ivory color), and didn't even cover the entire surface. 

Do not overbrush.

As the glue and paint dry, the crackled finish begins to appear.
wreath ring, hot glue gun, painted leaves

Once the leaves are dry, you can go ahead and make the wreath.

For the wreath form, I used one of those white poster boards. Drew and cut out a 15" diameter circle, cutting the inside part to form a 1½" ring.

Elmer's glue crackle finish painting

Using dots of hot glue, attach the biggest leaves to the ring.

I cut little squares from the same poster board. Those little squares were stacked by two and sometimes by three, to attach the next set of leaves (medium size). That would give the wreath some depth. Keep on layering the leaves from largest to smallest. - I had three sizes.

Neutral fall decor - white, ivories and green, mantel, polka dot pumpkin, wooden beads

The final step is to get a piece of ribbon to hang your wreath in place.

mantel decorated for Fall with neutral colors - bowls with green hydrangeas, wooden beads, polka dot brown pumpkin

I decided to change the decor in my bedroom. This is how the mantel looks now.

green hydrangeas, old white books, mantel, rustic pumpkin

Some old books, a polka dot pumpkin, some dried hydrangeas from the garden...

mantel decor, fall, white, neutral

And some wooden beads.

neutral fall decor - DIY - mantel

They all say hello FALL!

Have you used the glue crackle finish already? I've done it in the past on a wooden surface where the crackles showed some more. You can see that post right HERE.

But hey, this is how my friends are getting ready for Fall:

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. your wreath looks so pretty! i love how soft it looks with the white!

  2. SO pretty! I love what you didi!!

  3. That wreath is absolutely stunning! Where do you learn all these techniques, girl? You just amaze me. Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda! And thanks for the pin. ;)

  4. So pretty! Love the leaves. Has so much character with the white.

  5. So pretty! Love the leaves. Has so much character with the white.

  6. The wreath is lovely! Question- if the paint is not to be brushed on the leaves,how do you apply it to the leaves? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Sandra! I guess what you're pointing out is the "do not over brush". Well, what I mean is to apply a coat of paint on top of the wet glue without going twice or brushing back and forward many times... Do it just once.

  7. This is so clever!!! I love that the leaves are neutral with the crackle paint.

  8. I love how you softened the colors of the leaves. Thank you for linking up to Monday Social!

  9. I love this. So stinking cute. Thanks for stopping by our Monday Social.

  10. Cristina,
    I love the neutral look of your Fall crackle leaf wreath. No, I haven't used Elmer's crackle glue, but your project makes me think I should try it out. Thank you for sharing this DIY at Monday Social.


  11. Hola Cristina ,, qué bonita esa corona de hacer hojas pintadas blancas , se nota el otoño por alla

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