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A simple Back-to-School Homework Station

A tray is used for corralled school supplies to create a homework station

I know that for many of you the new school year has already started. I, on the other hand, am still counting down the days for my kids to enter. Two more weeks to go.
This is the only time when they're happy that they got out late. :)

The excitement of buying school supplies and new outfits has faded throughout the years, my kids are not little any longer, the youngest is starting high school, and my eldest is in college. However, we did buy some school supplies and I've been organizing their spaces, getting everything ready for school.

I shared with you this little tray I built out of some pieces of wood from the scrap pile. I went a bit overboard with the design, but the main purpose for this tray was to use it as a movable homework station.

How to use a tray as a movable homework station

I wanted to have the items my kids and I use more often, right at hand wherever we sit down to work. Sometimes it's at the kitchen table, other times at the dining room, if the day is too hot they even go to the basement to work there.

Well, a tray is easy to carry out from room to room, and hey, you can use any tray you have, it's as easy as that!

blue and green boxes of altoids metal containers

The other items I used to store the supplies were little cardboard boxes, glass jars and Altoids containers. ;)

clear glass jars, Altoids metal containers and cardboard boxes in tray

Their tops were painted with chalkboard paint.

centimeter ruler with paper clips, binder clips, staples, glue, sharpeners, erasers, crayons, pencils,

They hold staples, Post-It notes, labels, and lead refills.

crayons, stapler, white black and golden pencils, Altoids containers storing school supplies

The jars were packed with markers, color pencils, erasers, glue, sharpeners, binder and paper clips.

A tray is holding school supplies to work around the house.
The boxes hold pencils, scissors, crayons, a letter opener, a stapler... And rulers are on the side.

A movable station for the kids to do homework around the house.

Those are the things we use the most, and that's the thing...
A black and white and gold tray holding school supplies

Whatever items you and your kids use the most, that's what needs to be inside your portable homework station for it to work for you.

Give it a try!

And hey, just in time for back to school, join me over at Lil'Luna where I'm sharing complete details on how to make this super cute Teacher's Gift Idea! I'm loving that note pad jar!

Note pad jar holding rulers, yellow jar holding pencils and little red apple jar holding paper clips.

For more back-to-school teacher's gift ideas check these out:

little colorful boxes for teacher's gifts

Sharpies in boxes gifts

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  1. This is great back to school tray. I love how you stored all the supplies.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! It's good to see it all organized. :)

  2. Qué buen lugar elegiste para poner todos esos artículos escolares , tus pequeños ahorro tendrán todo ordenadito para desordenar jiji

    1. Hahah Si angélica, eso como que pasa por todos lados, nosotras ordenamos y ellos desordenan!

  3. A wonderfully simple ideas. Love how you have upcycled items in this DIY. I could use this concept in my office too. The little apple jars in the Teachers gift are too cute also! What a fab idea! Found you over at Sand and Sisal Link Party.

    Kind regards,


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