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Craft Room Organization - Paint Storage Box

old wine crate repurposed into a craft paint storage box with lots of cubbies

It's not a secret that I love to repurpose stuff. In fact, I try to use things I already have instead of building something from scratch. You can check many of the projects I've repurposed by visiting my repurposed projects gallery right HERE.

So, I was super excited to know the task for this month's DIY Creative Team: A REPURPOSED PROJECT!

Each month Brenda from A Cozy Little House, Susan from Love of Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper,
and me, get together to create and  share with you a DIY project. At the end of this post you can get a glimpse and click on the link to check their repurposed projects, in the mean time, let me tell you all about this nice cubbie organizer. :)

riserva ducale, ruffino, castello romitorio, michele chiarlo wine storage crates

I was lucky to receive this stash of wine crates from a dear family friend. Four of the big crates were used in the guest room right here. One small crate was used to build a side table. The remaining crates have been used on and off to store random stuff in the house, but mainly in the garage.

I decided to use one of the shallow crates to store all those craft paints that keep on appearing all around the house. I use them a lot, but is perhaps my daughter the one that is going to really appreciate this kind of organization, because she loves to paint too.

making dado cuts to 1 x 4's for cubbies organization

This was a win, win situation because I also lightened the load on the scrap wood pile.
Pieces of 1 x 4's were cut to size. After clamping them, dado cuts were done with the router.

how to make dado cuts with a router

I thought this was the best way to secure those little shelves. Even though I don't use my old router much, each time I've used it I keep on promising myself to do more projects with it because, really, this is one of those tools that's so EASY to use, and it makes things look so good! :)

bottles of craft paint getting organized in a wine crate storage bo

Now, I need to practice the measuring part a bit more. The little bottles were my guide. ;)
Twelve little spaces to hold nine bottles each...

gorilla glue and Ryobi air strike nailer help secure the joints

All the pieces were cut, sanded, glued, and I used my Ryobi nailer to secure those ends to the crate.

Ferrari Carano wine crate repurposed - cubbies crated

Just perfect! :)

how to repurposed a wine crate into a craft storage box - colorful paint bottles - little brushes in brush holder

Well, except that the top row was a bit too short! I'm telling you, I need more practice. ;)

craft room organization - red, pink, purple, blue, black and white paint storage

I went collecting all those little bottles, because I really thought we had like a million of them scattered all around the house.
Surprisingly, after I picked each and everyone, they didn't even fill half this box! A trip to the craft store was done next. :)
Tresor Reserve wooden wine crate repurposed

I LOVE it! This is one of those projects that each time I see it, it puts a smile on my face, so colorful. :)

What have you repurposed lately?

Don't forget to visit my Creative friends to check each of their repurposed projects.

wooden tool box  repurposed into a kitchen shelf - with kitchen towel hanging on it

a little shelf


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  1. So pretty and useful. I'm just like you with the router, sadly it spends most days sitting on the shelf but I should use it more. Really nice project.

  2. This is such a great idea. I love see all my paints displayed like this. I am going to have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing Cristina.

  3. this is SO good, cristina! i love how it looks and i am impressed with your skills. and organization! :) i seem to fail at that one. ;)

  4. I really like this idea! I love organization, and I live in a small space, so putting it on a wall would work great for me. Clearly I need some power tools because I can see that it made your project look so professional.

  5. This is so perfect for craft supplies! I love what you did!!

  6. Love this and must make one! First to find a wine crate!

  7. This is very easy to find the color you want!

  8. Que buena idea la de colocar todas las pinturas así boca abajo para poder apreciar rápido su color ,, además de bello por poner los colores en degrade my útil al tener todo organizado y a la mano

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