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Flea Market Time

 old chair with wooden details, rosettes in legs, green upholstered fabric with little red flowers

Hi friends,

This past Saturday was the day to grab all the stuff that's been cluttering the garage and basement and try to go and sell it at the flea market.

Yep, the cleaning of the shelves in the garage was the starting point. There were so many items we no longer use. Lots of toys my kids hadn't touch in yeeeears, dishes and containers that I no longer use because my taste has changed, and even, flea market finds I didn't use at all.

This is how the van looked when we arrived early Saturday:

Van Honda Odissey full of flea market stuff

Yep, FULL!

Last week I did my homework, the items were dusted, prices added, loose parts tightened, and everything was packed and ready to go by Friday night.

germantown historic society flea market vendor

Mr. RLC was the salesman, oh, he's my spokesperson and he's top notched. :)
I'm not a talkative person, I'm so grateful that he's always there, giving me a helping hand in this kind of situation.

Our first sale: Thomas the Tank Engine trains and the train table, and no, it wasn't a little boy the one that got the trains, an adult got them for his collection.

southwest design on bench, demilune table, aqua blue finds

Most of these items - bench, demilune, signs, lamps - didn't sell...

blue and white whale wooden crate for summer

Except, for this little whale crate - a last minute paint transformation.

wooden signs for Summer and Fall

We didn't have many sales, but overall, we had a good day.

wooden basket set with trio mason jars

One of the items that got lots of inquires and sold quickly was this sign HERE.
This old window art project also sold.
Small baskets, a chafing dish, shoe storage bags, wreath, skate board, etc. ---> Gone.
The  little basket set in the picture above, came home with me.

Oh well, there were lots of compliments on the stuff I had, I simply wish there were more sales. ;)
Maybe, my prices weren't as low as people expect at flea markets, but that's OK with me.

I didn't have much time to go find treasures, these two are the only ones I got. A tabletop mannequin pin dress form and a French style upholstered arm chair, both $20.

I love this chair.

I brought it to my space and the mister found it very comfortable. :)

I love all those carvings, lots of detail.

Don't you love the old chippy paint look it already has?

If it weren't for the condition of the arm rests, I would leave it with the same fabric treatment. This is a bit too much for my taste. I'm going to enjoy it as is for now, but eventually, I will re-upholster it.

upholstered, green chipy paint chair

I was surprised when Mr RlC told me he wanted to return next month. I didn't know he had such a good time. :D
How can I say no,  after all, we still have lots of stuff.

I'll see you next month at the flea market!!

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  1. Hi Cristina, Well, I am always amazed at what sells and what does not sell at these open fleas and yard sales. My sisters & I are constantly trying to put reason where there seems to be none - the weather, other sales going on, parents busy with kids' sports, Mother's Day weekend, people saturated with sales in general - whatever the reasons. It's hard to believe all that beach stuff didn't sell, although I had two half tables like yours aqua one (white with aqua chevron on one, aqua stripes in middle on other), and only one sold at our recent yard sale. It's nice that Mr. RLC took the lead in talking, and was there to unload/load. Love your chair too. Looks like it was fun!

    1. Hi Rita, you made me smile because at the end of the day we were doing just that, finding reasons for the lack of sales. Of course, the weather was No. 1 - we've had lots of rainy days lately. And yeah, we went thru many of the ones you mentioned. This was the first time ever that I tried to set pretty displays - I think your posts on how you arrange and re-arrange your booth helped a lot! ;) My problem: I didn't have walls! :) I'm trying to find solutions for when we get there next time. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I can't imagine your pieces not selling! I would buy something for sure! Anyhow, it's all about timing, you know that very well, just like this gorgeous chair!

  3. That chair is a beauty. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. All I can say it must not be a well traveled flea market and not many vintage shoppers.
    I would have purchased the chair for $20

  5. A mí como me gustan esos mercados de la pulgas ,, qué pena que no hubo mucha venta ,, para otra vez será ,, y esa silla esta preciosa ,, un gran hallazgo

  6. My husband, despite being an extrovert, does NOT like to work garage sales with me! Glad you have a husband who will do the talking and wants to go back!

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