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Easter Bunny Wreath

Spring is almost here, and with it, the Spring home tours!

The doors of my casa will open next Thursday, and you're all invited. :)

I've been in Spring cleaning mode, changing pillow covers and adding color to the rooms. I've also been using the hot glue gun to put together some crafts, like the one I'm sharing today.

The idea of the Easter bunny eggs totally came from Cassie @ Little Red Window. When I saw her project, I thought those were the cutest little bunnies ever! Check them out right HERE.

I loved those bunnies so much that when I saw these white eggs at Michaels, I knew I just had to make a bunch of them.

The materials you'll need:
  • Wreath form - I used a pool noodle  42" long.
  • White ribbon to cover the wreath form
  • 4 dozen of eggs (that's what I bought, but 5 or 6 will be even better)
  • 1 Ultra fine point black Sharpie
  • 1 Fine point pink Sharpie
  • 1 Sheet of stiff white felt
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons and decorative carrots
  • Hot glue gun

The pool noodle was turned into a wreath, securing it with clear tape. I didn't have a white ribbon, but this white with red polka dots used on the reverse side worked great to cover it.

This is one of the variations I made to the original version --->I used Sharpies to draw the facial features and a bit of pink eye shadow to color the cheeks. This whole part was done in a matter of minutes.

The ears and feet took more time. 48 ears and 48 feet is not a small number! I did it in a very sloppy way. Pink Sharpie was again used to color the areas inside.

Then, it was time to hot glue each of those 48 ears and 48 feet.

They sure made a big difference.

I only made 24 bunnies. At first, I thought two dozen would be enough to cover the entire wreath. Boy, was I wrong?

Thank goodness I bought four dozen. They were on sale, buy one get the other 50% off.

The 48 eggs were not even enough to cover the entire area.

A chunky ribbon (surgically removed from an old fancy blouse) saved the day!

Oh well, I still think it's an eggs-traordinary wreath!

See you next week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Soooooo cuuuute!!! Oh my goodness!! Those.are.adorable!!!!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  2. They are so cute! I will make them
    Fairy Cleaners Oldham Ltd.

  3. OMGOSH!!! I think that is THE CUTEST bunny wreath I have EVER seen. I love it- cute and fun and oh-so-whimsical. GREAT job, Cristina. xo Diana

  4. Little Egg-bunnies! Lovely! I will definitely add them to my Easter menu!
    Cleaners in Dartford

  5. Extremely adorable!!! So creative and PATIENT to cut and color all those ears and feet!!!

  6. These are the cutest eggs I have ever seen <3


  7. This is the cutest Easter wreath that I have seen this year. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can't even take this! This is the cutest wreath I've ever seen!!!! So cute!

  9. Cute idea. In perfect time just before Easter.


  10. Great Easter decoration! The bunnies are so cute!

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