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Easy Piping Cheat for Pillow Cases and Fall Home Tours

Oh my, today is the day! :) 
The Fall Home Tours finally start at none other than
 our gracious host, Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

30 homes, five days, lots of inspiration for your Fall decor. I know you want to run over to Marty's home, but just give me a couple of minutes to give you this awesome tip on how I cheat the piping on my pillow cases. I think it's super easy and I know you're gonna love it. ;)


Most of the time I make my own pillow cases and most of the time I want to add those little details that take them to the next level. Well, for this plain gingham fabric I wanted to add piping to give it some interest.
The problem with piping is that I usually run out of it pretty quickly, especially when I use it for other things like this wreath here, second, if I buy pretty piping is pricier than if I buy the plain that you have to cover with fabric, which brings me to the third problem, wrapping plain piping with fabric is annoying. :/

So, instead of going thru all those problems I usually use plain fabric as piping. I put together long pieces of strong heavy fabric, the one I used here is upholstery fabric.

The width of the strip of fabric is only one inch. Then, using an iron I fold it flat and that's it. That's my piping.

I used it here, all around my pillow case just the same as regular round piping but no need for a special foot for my sawing machine because it's flat.
 Flat corners too.

And hey, they sure give that extra interest to my pillows.

Don't you agree!

I also created other pillows ...

and gave my mantel a new look, you can check all the details about the fall mantel right HERE.

For my Fall home tour click HERE.

And now GO check all the beautiful homes all dressed for Fall!

Monday - Sept 7th

Tue - Sept 8th

Wed - Sept 9th

Thurs - Sept 10th

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  1. Ok this is totally genius. I just made 3 pillows yesterday and of course I had to make piping first which is such a paint. This is the greatest idea. I am totally going to copy you. Can't wait for your tour.

    1. Thanks Marty! It's much easier with this one. :) Can't wait for the tour!

  2. The pillows are adorable. Can't wait for your tour.

  3. Ese cojin esta precioso y tiene un colorido del para el comienzo del otoño ,, eres realmente una artista

  4. What a great idea! I never thought of it and hate covering piping. Pinning!

  5. I've done this too and had kind of forgotten about it -- thanks for the reminder! Love how your pillows turned out -- great fabric choices! :)

  6. Ah! That is perfect!! What a great idea....I hate piping to work with, such an elegant look but a pain. Your idea is perfect.....Thanks.

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