10 Easy and Economical Ways to Decorate your Home

Living room in pale blue and rose

After all the hard work involved in finding the perfect home for your family, without overlooking that it had to be within a good school district, great location, and an amazing community...

outdoor areas at Gallery Park - Clarksburg MD Miller & Smith

There is still a much bigger challenge - turning your house into a cozy and elegant abode. However, it is not too difficult to get your house to look stunning and inviting. 

Fire pit and gazebo areas in Clarksburg MD

As a homeowner, you may have a clear dream of how your house should look, but may not be too clear on the steps to take to turn your new shelter into your dream house.
Creating a beautiful house, surprisingly, is much fun than you think. Here are some of the tips you can follow to turn your new house around beautifully.

Create an elegant house with these ten easy and economical tips.

Use paint

Select colors that bring your taste, personality, and style to the fore.
light blue and white family room with sectional - Miller and Smith builders

Ideally, you can select three colors, and creatively use them throughout the house. Paint is the most economical way to transform a room.
lilac and white Master bedroom with big mirror in Clarksburg MD

Add moldings

Moldings give character to a home. The simple addition of crown molding, at least to the main areas of your home, would make it look more luxurious.

adding moldings is an economical way to create a dream home

Get new lights

You can freshen up your house with bright and attractive lights. 
dark espresso cabinets in modern kitchen by Miller and Smith in Clarksburg

If you met old lights in the house, you just bought, replace them with new ones.
light blue and white dining room in townhouse home tour at Gallery Park

Add wall art

Nothing feels colder than a big white empty wall! Use art pieces that convey messages and which are beautiful enough to grace the wall. 

Beautiful art nicely displayed transform a house into a dream home

Wall art can personalize your home to your style and ideas and it can be done on a very low budget.
inexpensive pictures with drawn in the wall frames creating a gallery wall

Dress up your windows

Long drapes flanking each side of a window are the current fashion. 
Transform your plain home by dressing up your windows with long drapes

You can set the tone on how formal or casual they feel depending on the kind of fabric you choose.
Purple and blue kids room with kid's table and teddy bears

Add pillows

Pillows come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Add a good number of pillows to act as room art.
lots of pillows on sectional create interest and drama in family room

Pillows are one of the beautiful decorating objects you can change with the seasons and, or holidays.
Accentuate your bedroom with decorative pillows

Have an inviting headboard in the bedroom

Not having a headboard on your bed will make you uncomfortable while on your bed. 
A nail-head row all around a padded headboard creates coziness in the bedroom

a room screen serves as a headboard

Your bedroom would look unfinished and boring without it. Get one that suits the overall design of the room.
blue and purple kid's room with customized headboard

Select good furniture pieces

Look for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, fit nicely in the intended place and offer comfort. 
Add storage and organization to your rooms with furniture

Add clever furniture solutions to your rooms

Also, take advantage of room nooks that you can convert easily to working spaces for your family needs.
take advantage of room nooks that you can convert easily to working spaces

A big mirror creates the illusion of more space in small rooms


Select some fine accessories and carefully arrange them in your rooms but keep them simple and preferable within  a color range.
Keep accessories simple and preferable within a color range

Kitchen island with big lantern accessories

decor items can be placed all around your home.

Keep Clutter Away

Less is ideal.  It is best to stick to what is necessary and keep everything simple.
a simple hallway without clutter with hardwood floors by Miller and Smith

modern kitchen with dark espresso cabinets with stainless appliances

Miller and Smith home in Gallery Park -Montgomery County MD

Apply these simple suggestions and you will have the home you have always dreamed of. However, if you are still looking to find the perfect house, there is great news for you too. Miller & Smith, the award winner Home-builder and Real Estate Development Company has just celebrated it's 50th anniversary and is kicking off the next fifty years with innovative and imaginative homes and communities throughout Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.
I recently visited their Gallery Park community in Clarksburg, MD and am pleased to give you a glimpse of this new townhome community that's located just minutes from from I-270.

think zero - zero closing costs and zero reasons to wait with Miller and Smith for new homes in Maryland

The O'Keefe home, featured in the photographs above, is part of the Gallery Park community. Here are just a few of the home's many features:

  • 4-level, 3.5 bath, garage townhome
  • Sensational new townhome designs located within three miles of I-270 and convenient to grocery stores, shopping, restaurants - all within minutes.
  • Gourmet kitchens with magnificent islands and urban style details
  • One-of-a-kind floor plans with the perfect balance of openness and cozy spaces
  • Creative, flexible floor plan designs
  • Town home living with the ease of condominium ownership
  • Private driveway with garage parking on each home
~Features and options abound~

For more beautiful homes and communities checkout
Miller & Smith web site

you can also follow Miller & Smith on 

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miller & Smith. All opinions are 100% mine*

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