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NOEL - Alphabet Block Letter Art - Knock Off

how to make big alphabet block letter art - Noel for Christmas

I'm still in decorating mode, and the shopping list is still halfway through. Yikes! I need to hurry, I know many of you are already done with those two things. I guess it takes a bit longer when trying to stay on a budget or "DIYing" most of the items you use in your decor.

It would've been easier for me to go and buy the four prints that were my inspiration, right HERE, but the price for each at an even smaller size than what I need would've been $169/each X 4 ---> I don't even want to know!

So, this is what I came up with to be displayed on the old windows this time.

Drop cloth material was cut to cover each window or frame. Using an editing program make a picture of each of the letters you want to use. If you need big letters, like in my case, you can blow them up using the Block Posters site right HERE.

Trace the letter right in the middle of the canvas.

Using a square ruler trace the lines for the border.  I totally eyed ball those dimensions to what looked right to me.

Once you're happy with the first canvas, the next ones are going to be a piece of cake. I placed that first design on top of the other clothes and marked the corner points, even the letters were marked at the middle top and bottom, then it was just a matter of connecting the dots and they all turned out the same way/size.

For making the painting part a bit easier, the straight lines were taped.

I used fabric paint, but you can use acrylic paints, I doubt I'll ever wash this. ;)  It's totally OK to leave unpainted patches.

Once the paint dries remove the tape and begin the weathered or distressed treatment. I used an old rag and Old English Scratch Cover.
There is a funny story on why I used this product that kept me with a big smile while working on it...

During the Summer we hosted a lunch for my husband's family, I was busy preparing the food, it was Mr. RLC the one in charge of setting the table and arranging the decor.

He took his job seriously. Really! 

He cleaned the windows, the mirror in the room, and he even went ahead and found his Old English product to bring the old Chippendale chairs to "like new" condition. 
Yeah, it all looked marvelous! Well, the whole dining room was spotless.

When lunch was over and everyone was happy and heading to the other rooms to chat and have some coffee, Mr. RLC noticed that our guests, most of whom sported white outfits, had their backs branded, and messy.   :D
He even jokingly told them if they'd been to a farm or had been driving an old car since their backs were so dirty!

Of course, they had no idea why their backs were soiled, and neither did we.
Not until we hit the hay and I thought about it, was when I remember the cleaning of the chairs! :)

He called the next day to tell them the truth and to apologize for damaging their spotless outfits.

Now you see how their backs looked. :) I used the carpet edge to give the canvas those marked lines. Hey, that's the same cloth he used for the chairs, I didn't even need to use more product, the cloth still has lots.

Finally, each canvas was attached to the back of each window frame with thumbtacks, stretching the fabric nicely and making sure the letters were in the middle.

This is how they all look on the wall.

And here is a little sneak peek at my living room decorated for Christmas.

I used the Red Christmas Buggy printable from Craftberry Bush, on the little pillow.

Check the whole room right HERE.



  1. I just LOVE this. I copied it and sent it to my daughter. Her last name is NOEL. Wouldn't this be perfect above her sofa? xo Diana

  2. Lovely. Haven't Christmas shopped, haven't decorated, but have made a bit of my Christmas baking.

  3. So beautiful! Love that you made it look worn out Cristina, it's perfect with your windows !

  4. So, so cute and fun! You always have the best ideas and are so creative.

  5. Fantástico Critina, me encanta pasar por tu blog me llena de inspiración!!

  6. great use of the windows. I love how you change them out. This project turned out wonderfully

  7. Kristina perfection as usual. Thanks for that tip and link to block posters - that's one I haven't tried yet. Can't wait to see your whole room.

  8. Where is the cute Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas throw pillow from?

  9. Modern Maven, I transferred the Red Christmas Buggy printable, Craftberry Bush gave away for a limited time, onto a regular pillow.

  10. This is the such a beautiful display.....very envious of the old windows! The story made me laugh too.....I always find it funny when my hubby tries to clean!

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