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Best way to Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meister Cleaners. All opinions are 100% mine.
best way to clean stainless appliances.

You all know I've been really busy Christmas crafting, getting my decor & ornaments ready for the holidays, that's something I really love to do.

It was true when I told you I can keep on doing this forever, but again, there are other things that need to be done. As a matter of fact, my dining room was not the only place that was a complete mess these past few days. The family room, living room, and especially the kitchen where my kids had been preparing their own meals, had a big share of messiness too. :/

Meister products to clean kitchen appliances

That's why when I was contacted to review Meister Cleaners, I jumped at the offer. I picked all the messy items around the kitchen and it looked a bit better...

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Remove fingerprint and smudges on dirty stainless refrigerator

But when I took a closer look, it told me otherwise! 

That's one problem I've always had with my stainless steel appliances, the fingerprints, smudges, and dirt, made them look less than desirable. 

I know is not only my kids' fault but also my husband and I as well.

stainless steel fridge before being cleaned.

I've tried many products in the past, and they did a good job at removing fingerprints, but, can you see that streak/drip on the left side of the fridge in the picture above? 

It's been there for more than a year and none of the products I've used were able to get rid of that drip. I really hated it because it's right there in your face.

Getting rid of fingerprints, drips and smudges on stainless steel.

So, guess what? That was the first area to be cleaned with Steel Meister. I applied it with a lint-free rag, as you would polish a car. Let it soak into the surface. Then, took a dry lint-free cloth and polished it, removing any excess product. 

All fingerprints were gone! :)

How to use Steel Meister Spot Cleaner to clean tough stains on stainless appliances.

But when I looked closely at the hideous drip, it was still there. So, time to bring more power. ;) 

I then applied Steel Meister Spot Cleaner, since this is the formula for tough stains. I let the foamy product sit on the stain for about 5 minutes.

Then, using a lint-free cloth I gently agitated the soiled area and wiped it off with a dry lint-free cloth. Sure enough, the spill was GONE! :)

stainless steel fridge before and after cleaning it.

Doesn't it look like a new fridge?!

How to clean a dirty LG stainless Dishwasher full of drips and fingerprints.

Well, one victory in the book, but the fight wasn't over yet. 

The dishwasher was next. No words. Dirty all around. Those water drips were kind of a normal thing. They've also been there for ages, somehow they weren't as annoying as the one on the fridge, maybe because they were in a lower spot. :/

Since I knew those were also tough stains, the Steel Meister Spot Cleaner was applied first. 

Cover the floor because even though is foamy and thick, it runs down after a few minutes. My word to the manufacturers: Make it thicker. ;)

How to clean drip marks and fingerprints off your Stainless steel dishwasher.

I had to go twice with the Spot Cleaner on these stains, wiping it off with a dry cloth each time. 

Then, I applied the Steel Meister to make it this sparkly.

The difference is ginormous!

The same situation with the range, all the stainless steel parts were cleaned up with the Steel Meister products, but the glass and metal parts were done with the Range Meister.

One more time, WOW!

Did I tell you I was in cleaning mode? I went ahead and cleaned the sink.

The counters, using the Stone Meister, which also cleans and polishes without streaking, removes tough dirt, grease, and stains and is food safe.

And I even went ahead and cleaned the microwave and the coffee machine.

It feels so good to have finally won this battle. Meister Cleaners are hands down the winner in battling fingerprints, smudges, and streaks.

Best way to clean your stainless LG stove/range to get rid of grease, drips and firngerprints.

I sure love the trend of all things spots and dots, but not on my appliances! 

Meister Cleaners remove all those pesky spots and dots on your stainless steel appliances effortlessly.

kitchen cleaned up with Meister products for stainless steel appliances, countertops, range, dishwasher

With Thanksgiving around the corner and the Holidays behind it, I'm super happy to check this task off my list. 

Meister Cleaners really work, they are easy to use and don't leave a filmy residue. They can also be used on outdoor grills and automotive trim. You can purchase Meister Cleaners exclusively at Home Depot in the appliance department.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Your kitchen looks could always come test out those products here just in case you need more proof. Hubby will feed you! He's a pretty good cook!

  2. I saw Jennifer using this too, now I really have to try. Thanks!

  3. Your kitchen looks amazing! And that rug in your kitchen, I love it-I need to know where to get one!

    xoxo, SS

  4. Thanks Jordyn! It was a Costco find a couple months ago.

  5. I need to get this stuff.. like yesterday. I have the grimiest appliances... and I have some of those impossible 'water stain' drips too!! I'm definitely going to look for this stuff!

  6. No conocĂ­a ese producto !! Que brillante quedan los artefactos de aluminio

  7. I will definitely be trying this...I have some pesky stains that have been impossible to remove from my fridge. Hope it works on mine like it did on yours!

  8. Thank you for sharing!! I saw this product at a store but not sure about its effectiveness, now I now I have to buy them.
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