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Wooden Snowflake Art

Hi everybody! I'm sorry I was absent for almost a full week, but after the 12 consecutive days of Christmas Ornaments, I was exhausted, I guess you too, of seeing my posts every day! So, I took a little break, in part, to put things in order and to begin to decorate the home for the holidays.

As I told you before, this year I'm going for a red and white theme. It was a decision I took after talking to my son, I was like, I want a white Christmas, but he replied, what's your thing with turning everything white?!  I like the multi-colored lights on the Christmas tree and the color around the house, please, COLOR! So, red was kind of a compromise, since it's his favorite color ;)

My project today, big and small snowflakes, a re-purposed project using the top of one of those flimsy three legged side tables for the biggest snowflake and a wire spool circle for the medium snowflake.

The materials you'll need:

  • 3 wooden circles  (19½", 14½", 10¾")
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Jig saw or BladeRunner
  • Paint
  • Patterns found here and here.
The diameter of the tabletop is almost 20", it's hard to come up with a pattern or printable of this size, besides it's very easy to make it, and this is how:

1. Mark the center of the circle and using a ruler (I used my square ruler), trace both sides of the ruler over the marked center.

2. Do the same across the first lines.
3. Trace both lines now in a diagonal way.
4. Once again, trace the lines on the final diagonal way.

Once I finished tracing the lines I thought they were too chunky and I went again and re-traced them with a thinner ruler (1½").

The final part is to draw the split ends. Find the center in between each snowflake branch. Then, going 4" from the end of each branch, trace on both sides of the ruler, leaving a small space at the marked center.

For the medium snowflake, you can find the quarter pattern HERE. I worked around the holes that were already in this circle.

For the small snowflake you can find the half pattern HERE.

It's now time to cut the snowflakes out. You can use a hand saw, a jig saw or as I did, a Rockwell Tools BladeRunner X2, it makes this kind of work so EASY! No clamps needed, you just use both hands to guide the wood.

The cuts are PERFECT! I'm gonna even use the leftover pieces. ;)

Then, it was time to paint, well, primer first, but the spray paint didn't stick that well on the edges of the flakes.

So, my handy dandy helper gave them two coats with acrylic paints.

Of course, they have to be red!

My next post is all about how they look on my Christmas mantel.

Check it out right HERE.

red snowflakes on mantel -art project


  1. That is completely unbelievable. Only you would be able to make giant snowflakes out of spools! I thought you bought some pre-cut ones and painted them....WAY TO GO!

  2. Super cute. The Bladerunner is awesome - I love mine!!

  3. Lovely snowflakes... I like how you planned them out! My husband likes all the old style coloured lights, I prefer just white myself. What can you do but compromise? LOL

  4. Hola Cristina !, que lindos esos copos de nieve ! Un gran trabajo de carpintería !,

  5. These snowflakes are too cute for words! Love them.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Leslie @ House on the Way

  6. Esto es un gran trabajo, tienes unas ideas impresionantes!!


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