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Halloween Recycled Candy Containers

turn empty containers into Jack-o pails

Woohoo, I've been busy sanding and painting the table and chairs I showed you on my last post. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and advice on how to remove all the layers or varnish and lacquer from the old table. I'm almost ready to begin working on that table.

Today's project is an up-cycle, which means it's free if you happen to have the supplies around your house. I used the last two spools that were still in the garage. I already used one of the spools as a desk organizer and two more were used on my Halloween mantel.

For the candy containers, one of the openings had to be closed so, cardboard circles were cut and taped to the cylinders.

Some more cylinders -bread crumb containers- completed the troop.

Of course they all went for a paint transformation, I used kids paint, acrylic, spray paint and some glitter for sure wouldn't hurt.

Once dry, the face designs (you can find them HERE, HERE and HERE), were transferred and filled with a black Sharpie.

I created some designs on the rim using my trusty black Gaffers tape, by now you must know how much I love that tape, hey that's and affiliate link.
Finally a piece of wire was added as a handle.

And they were done!

My kids are going to use the big pails while trick-or-treating this Halloween.

The small buckets can be used as presents or to decorate around your home.

It feels so good to re-purpose objects, doesn't it.


  1. I love this idea! We used to repurpose coffee tins but now I buy my coffee in bags, I am definitely keeping this one in mind Cristina. A great recycling project. Pinning!

  2. Super cute Cristina! Love your upcycling!

  3. I featured your project on Monday Funday! Thanks for linking up with us! xo - Cheryl @ That's What Che Said...


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