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Old Stone House

One of the places we took my kids and niece, a couple of weeks ago during her visit, was Georgetown, one of Washington D.C's neighborhoods. We love its architecture, commercial appeal, and most of all its history and charm.

Once there, as we've done it many times before, we went on a tour of the Old Stone House, the oldest unchanged building in Washington D.C.

The house exterior was constructed of locally quarried blue granite. The walls range from two to three feet thick.

Built in 1765, the old stone house shows us the daily lives of middle-class colonial Americans.

Let's get inside. A gift shop is located inside the front room of the house, but throughout the years it has housed many types of businesses like hats, tailors, clockmakers, and roofing shops. The kitchen is on the back, and its hearth is large enough to heat the entire house.

The original roof and front door were constructed of solid oak.

The second floor consists of three rooms and its architecture is quite different from the original first floor since, at its time, new owners were able to afford better quality materials.

The dining/living/family/game room was the place where the family ate meals but it was also the social room.

Playing cards, musical instruments, singing, and dancing were also done here.

Historical preservation was done to get the interior looking like it did before 1800. Georgetown residents donated most of the colonial furnishings. However, the grandfather clock, the only original piece of furniture, was purchased by the National Park Service and brought back to the house.

The walls were plastered and painted. Chair rails were added to prevent damage to the wall.

The carved wooden mantel in the bedroom is believed to be of French origin.

The big spinning wheel also gets lots of attention in this room.

High ceilings improved ventilation during hot Summers on this second level.

The third floor, much plainer than the second floor, was constructed of brick. There are three rooms on this floor though only one was open to the public. These are believed to be the children's rooms and storage areas.

I love the floors...

The doors and windows...

The moldings and architectural details.

Back down to the first-floor kitchen area...

And we get out to the garden.

A colonial revival garden with straight lines, bordered by a white picket fence.

This is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown.

Sit down under a shady tree and enjoy its serenity...

Before going back to reality with lots of people walking around...

And Georgetown businesses and traffic bring you back from colonial times to the present day.

More about Old Stone House here:

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  1. What a gorgeous house! I love stone anything which probably explains my love of historical movies. Thanks for a great tour Cristina!

  2. Georgetown is one of my favorite places to go. I love the wall paneling in that home. You had a beautiful day for a visit.

  3. Great tour! From the outside, it actually looks quite European, must be the stones.

  4. What a beautiful home Cristina - wow - love everything about it !
    Thanks so much for sharing - home tours are my favorite !

  5. Que visita más interesante Cristina a esa casa con tanto pasado !

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