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When I was contacted to do a review of this paint product I said I was glad to review it but I would only blog about it if I like it. Because, this is the thing, who hasn't been there...
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Who hasn't painted lots of swatches on the wall, chosen the paint you think is the best, and after painting the entire room, find out you don't like that color! Yeah, frustrating :(

Sure Swatch is a clear film material that you can paint and attach to your wall, anywhere in the room, it gives you a true color. Once you choose the color you like, you simply remove the low-tack samples from the wall and you don't have to prime colors painted directly on the wall.

As soon as I got my 9" x 12" samples I went to work.

A first coat of paint in my colors of choice was apply to each film.

When the first coat was dried to the touch, a second coat was applied.

Once both coats dried the backing was peeled off and...

The painted films were positioned on a wall where I could see them from different angles.

You can position the films in different parts of the room, which I think is neat, under different lights, close to drapes, furniture, in general, near to objects you're trying to match.

Sure Swatch has another great  feature: "The Primer Decider".  It helps you decide if you need a primer.

I painted the film a vibrant navy blue color.  As soon as it dried I flipped it over and using scissors cut the film as indicated.

The film was then placed on the wall to be painted, attaching the Primer Decider Scale to the underneigh bottom side of the film with only the numbers on the scale showing.

The cutting part shows the effect of multiple coats of paint. In my case my Sure Swatch used two coats. Two layers show how my wall will look with four coats of paint.

It is hard to see through these pictures, but in order to achieve my true color on this wall, I might need to apply a "shade 3" primer.
Some colors have poor covering power, which means more work to create the desired result. One of the best ways to improve the covering power is with a primer. The Sure Swatch Primer Decider makes it easy to pick the right shade of primer for your specific top coat color.
Compare the color chip to each square of covered Primer Decider. If no squares show through, no primer is needed. If color looks best over a primer square, show primer shade to associate for similar tinted primer.

Head off to Sure Swatch where you can watch very detailed videos on how to use this product.
Now, if you want to get some Sure Swatch films for your next paint project, you can find them at The Home Depot's paint counter ;)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored product review for Sure Swatch. All opinions are 100% mine, as with all the products I review, if I like them I write about them, if I don't like them you won't hear about it.



  1. I saw this the other day at home depot and hoped that my husband didn't find out about this amazing product and all the walls that I have experimented with my paint choices! :)

  2. Hola Cristina ., mi inglés es muy limitado y no tienes traductor !!! No entendí mucho. .. Ese producto es un adhesivo para probar distintos colores de pintura?

  3. Si Angélica, es una lamina plastica que puedes pintar y colocar en tu pared para probar los colores de pintura. Una vez hayas hecho tu decision, puedes remover las laminas de la pared facilmente.

  4. This is great! Thanks for letting us know about this product,and the price is reasonable too!

  5. Very cool! I always try my paint color in different part of the room too so this is a great idea.

  6. This is pretty awesome. I wish I would have had this when I painted my front door years ago. I never did get the shade right. Thanks for the review Cristina!

  7. What a cool product, I may have to use it if I ever get around to painting!

  8. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing this product.

  9. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing ~

  10. Great new product. I have never tried lots of different colors. I think I've been lucky to get it right the first time, but then I use pretty light colors and I think that makes it easier. Color can be so deceiving and so hard to get just right sometimes.

  11. I always want to add a bit of color with paint, but it scares me to death! This products looks perfect for getting a feel of what will want won't work on your walls. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  12. This is NOTHING even close to what the salesperson told me it was. She said I could put it on the wall, pull it off and they could tell me which paint I needed that would match. I'm so mad!


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