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A Simple Christmas Kitchen

Do you like pomegranates?
We do! At least me and my daughter, we love pomegranates.
She was around 5 when she was introduced to this exotic fruit
while visiting a friend.
She came home asking me to go
and get her some more "pomogrades" :)

They were new to me too, while growing up in Colombia S.A. I never saw them. So, after buying a couple of pomegranates I was looking forward to give them a try.
Ha I wasn't really expecting the big mess I made while trying to open them! Like my daughter said: "It looks like a war zone"!  Our faces looked like we had a bad case of Chicken pox :D

Well, that incident didn't stop us from enjoying them, it's one of the fruits we now associate with Christmas, we always have them for Christmas ever since that time.

But oh well, that's not the only fruit we consume these days as you can see.

Oranges and apples are almost always in stash, and this time around they are Christmas decor ;)

I looked for a cute print to add to the caddy box and I love the one I found, it's for a chest but I think it goes pretty well here too ;)

The roman shade creates such a change! As you can see I'm having fun with fabrics. That's all you have to do, change the fabric and voila, you have a new shade! More about the shade right HERE. I don't have the name for that fabric, it was a remnant piece.

My kitchen is so small I cannot bring too many decorations in here. On the island there is always a box or platter for fruits and perhaps a floral arrangement, this time some pine branches from the yard.

The window sill is the perfect place to display those little Christmas decorations.

Adding Holiday words to your regular storage containers... Super easy ;)

Or maybe a ribbon around the utensil holder, easy right?

Because Christmas can be that simple!


  1. Beautiful and cozy! Preciosa y acogedora!



  2. Love the simplicity of it all! My kitchen was simple too but I think just enough for the holidays! have a merry Christmas dear!

  3. Hi stranger! So sorry I've been MIA ... but wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your little kitchen dressed up for Christmas. Sheer and utter perfection!

    Hoping you have the happiest of holidays!

    :) Linda

  4. Christina, wow, your kitchen is so cute! I love your hanging pendant lights in the kitchen, as well as the red curtain. And what a great idea using chalk paint on the back of the chair-that's fantastic! I enjoy your blog.

  5. Your kitchen looks so beautiful! Love the roman shade. So pretty! Have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Maria

  6. I love your Christmassy kitchen! As a child we moved into a house with a pomegranate tree, I love them, although when I was little I thought it was so much work just to get them out! Ha ha!

  7. Christina,
    I adore the brightness, lightness, simplistic style of your Christmas decor, dear one!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Love the simplicity! Everything looks gorgeous!!

  9. So pretty, Cristina! I must have missed the post on your chairs...I LOVE the little chalkboard panel on the back! Hope you had a blessed Christmas :)

  10. Looks beautiful!

    And you really should try this method for the pomegranates. :)

  11. I love your kitchen. It is so pretty and homey. I'm pinning it!!

  12. Your kitchen is lovely! That roman shade is perfect. So many beautiful details.

  13. Had to pin your shade redo, it's so perfect, love the idea. I have couple of those shades on our living room windows, maybe could add some fabric to them to give them a little change up, been same since we moved in. I just tend to change curtains for the seasons and have sheers over the shades. I love your kitchen, so pretty and bright. Your little decorations are incredible. Great ideas. Happy 2014


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